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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guest post #2 - Alissa

Alissa, from Life's Little Adventures, is one of the first friends I made in the blog world. She's also one of the first people I looked up when I started this blog. When she isn't chasing after her sons, Nick and Drew, she is busy cutting up dead animals (serious, it's her job...or something like that) and taking beautiful photos that make me tell her she should be a professional photographer. I’ve read her posts ever since I started checking out this lovely blogosphere, and she never fails to inspire me. I’d feel lucky to have Alissa as a friend and even more luck that she said that she'd do this guest post for me.

OK, from what I understand Issa is writing little intros about all of her guest bloggers, so I shouldn’t have to introduce myself. But, just in case, I’m Alissa, from Life’s Little Adventures. I’ve known Issa online for a few years now…we lost touch there for a bit but I am so happy to have found her again. She’s fantastic, isn’t she?

Anyway, she put out a request for guest bloggers, and without even thinking I volunteered. That was awhile back, and it suddenly occurred to me that I’d best get on the ball and write something! And then I started thinking Hey! Why in the world did I agree to be a guest blogger? I’m hard-pressed to write anything on my own blog these days that’s not whiny and annoying…what makes me think I can do better for Issa?

And then I decided…I’d let my boys write the post. I figured I’d ask them for advice for Issa on raising her new baby boy, seeing as she’s got two girls and just now has been introduced to the marvel that is baby boys. So, here we go:

Me: Boys, tell me some things that are important to know when taking care of a baby boy.

Nicky: Feed it a lot!

Drew: Boys are tougher than girls.

Nicky: He needs to keep short hair. Only girls should have long hair.

Nicky: Always poke it down when you’re changing his diaper.

Drew: Yeah! And, be sure not to dress him in pink. Pink is girly.

Drew: Boys are very cool. Remember to be nice to him.

Nicky: And don’t forget to tell him you love him lots!

Drew: How old is the baby boy?

Me: A couple of months…

Drew: Can he walk yet?

Me: Oh, no.

Nicky: Well, remember that when he can walk he’ll be wild and crazy!

So, Issa, while you’re off enjoying a wonderful vacation alone in Hawaii with your darling hubby, we’ll hold down the fort here. And it appears that, should you ever need another babysitter, my boys are more than capable of taking care of your little guy.


anymommy said...

I could use another baby sitter too! I'll take them any day ;-)

Jaden Paige said...

LOL... I love the "poke it down when you change his diaper"... CLASSIC!

Great advice from two very smart boys, it seems :)

Lisa said...

Oh yeay you guys are on that Vacay. Hope you are having a blast!

Maura said...

Cute! :-)