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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madeline Alice

UPDATE NUMBER 3: I know this has been a hard week for the blogging community. Everyone wants to help, but most of us don't know how we can. I know the economy sucks right now. But I have a request. Maddie's mom Heather was laid off last year. Her dad Mike is in a relatively new job and is taking time off right now to deal with the loss. They are looking at a $7,000 bill for the service and reception next week. This family needs our help. You can send a dollar, or five. Whatever you can do would help. The link HERE is for paypal. The money goes directly to Heather and Mike. Please help. This is something we can do for them. It won't bring her back, it won't make their hurt any easier, but it may make their worry a bit less. Thank you.

Last night, the beautiful and amazing Maddie passed away. I am heartbroken, having just read those words in an email. I don't have any details, except that yesterday she was in the hospital and last night on Twitter, Meghan was saying they were having to put her on a ventilator. Unfortunately her lungs just couldn't handle it. For any more details, check in with Meghan later.

I have no more words. Today is for Maddie. You will never be forgotten.

To Heather and Mike, my thoughts and prayers are with you both today.

ps. picture stolen from Meghan, who took it off of Heather's Flicker page. I just wanted everyone to see this beautiful angel.

UPDATE: For more info and places to donate, please see this post or go directly to Maddie's March of Dime's site. The family is asking for donations be sent there, instead of flowers. You have to hand it to the power of the Internet....Maddie's site has raise over $11,000 as of noon Denver time (8am Hawaii time). Yesterday, it was still around $3,000.

SECOND UPDATE: I had guest posts lined up this week and next. Lovely, amazing guest posters. I have decided to not post (or well have Maura post) any more of them until after the service for Maddie on Tuesday of next week. Any that don't get posted before I get back, will be posted, I swear. However, this week is about them; Maddie, Heather and Mike. There is updated information on the service at Meghan's site.

For Maddie, who will forever be in my heart.


Jaden Paige said...

:( I'm so sorry... My thoughts are with her family.

Kari said...

I can not stop thinking about Maddie. She touched so many people's lives. People that she didn't even know.