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Monday, March 9, 2009

I want my hour back

I want to know who took it and when I'm going to get it back. Because I miss it and want it back. Like now.

I should have known today was going to be sucky when I couldn't sleep last night. As I watched the clock hit 1am, I really should have known. I am not good at time changes.

This morning, bright and early at 5:30am my son decided he'd had enough sleep. Because you see, 5 month old babies could care less about daylight savings time. In fact they could care less about anything that doesn't concern them. They are kind of selfish that way. When said son was deposited into my bed, by my lovely husband on his way to work, I said to him: my lovely son, it's still dark outside, that means it's night night time. Then he laughed at me.

Waking up the girls was an absolute joy today as well. While in the middle of a screaming crying tantrum, Morgan accused me of doing this to her on purpose. Yes, my lovely child, I did this. I came up with time changes just to screw with you. I have that much power.

After the promise of a crack filled donut and a shot of coffee in her chocolate milk, she did finally stop screaming and get dressed. Of course as we neared the school we saw one of those big bank signs, you know, the ones with the time on it. Which of course hadn't been changed and said 7:18am, instead of 8:18am and the screaming started again. See mom, we are going to be early. I could be sleeping right now. You are so mean.

Then I threw her dropped them off at school and headed for the nearest Starbucks.

Did I mention how much I hate time changes? Please someone, tell me how sucky your time change day is. Lets bask in the suckyness.


Jaden Paige said...

Don't hate me, but... It's not bothering me this year. I couldn't fall asleep at normal time last night, and woke up early early this morning... but I am still quite perky :)

If you are going to fling poo at me for my lack of tiredness today, please wait till I raise my poo-blocker mask. Thanksmmkaybye :)

MarvelousMOM said...

I will admit I'm totally struggling with it!

Anonymous said...

I hate it! Was late for work, weather's crappy, bad hair day..... couldn't get to sleep last night - dark this morning..... how's that?? crappy enough for ya??

Lesley said...

OMG. I will add my own vote for "DAMN YOU, TIME CHANGE!!" Whose idea was this? Can we string them up by their ankles? And tape their eyelids open? And smack them with wet noodles??

I can never sleep right for days after a time change (last night? Sleep = pretty much zero) and I just drag, drag, drag through the day. I want the hour back, too. LET'S RALLY!!

anymommy said...

Not too bad around here, but that's solely because I put the kids to bed at 5:45 last night - what, the clock said 6:45, Obama told me to do it. Or something.

Maura said...

Doesn't bother me, but then I don't have any 5 month olds upsetting the apple cart.

But how about the rudeness of the bank not changing the time in a timely fashion! Bastards!

EatPlayLove said...

my daughters woke at 530 on wednesday morning, which is pretty much 430 am, isn't how that goes.
Sigh, I hear you.