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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Off my break, but still no baby

It's almost funny but I've taken to answering the phone that way, Hello, we have no baby. It's catchy, no?

For the past week we've unplugged. No TV, no computer (683 posts to read), no work, no nothing. Although I did send the girls to school, because I was trying to save my sanity, not end up in the loony bin. I have no idea what happened in the world last week and I'm not overly concerned about it. I've spent most of the week in bed or playing mindless games at the table. Dominoes anyone? We only decided to undo our hibernation today, since Logan really wanted to watch football.

My Grandfather passed away the 12th of September. I have a post in my head about him, which I'll get too in a few days. My Grandma is still hanging on, although the theory is that she just wanted to make sure Grandpa's funeral went her way. We (not literally me) buried him last Tuesday. The world is missing a great man. She won't be far behind him, but no one has a clue how long she has. She's had uterine cancer for two and a half years. She did chemo and radiation until this spring, when she quit. She's been on Hospice for 9 weeks now.

In other news, I still have no baby. Oh well I have one, he's just sitting on my bladder and poking me constantly in the kidneys. He seems to not be quite ready. Maybe he wants to be a Libra? No idea, but I know he's not here yet. I've given up guessing on the day, I'm really hoping before I hit 60 or something. Dr. Masochist, on Friday, said that she's not fond of inducing. Really convenient for her to tell me now. She said she wouldn't even discuss it until next Friday.

So that's where I am. How are all of you?

Oh I almost forgot; I have an article, potty training in five steps, that will be up at Alpha Mom at some point soon. I'll let you know exactly when, but I wanted to tell you all now. There are going to be a bunch of posts over there, all of which are how to do something in five easy steps.


Anonymous said...

So what is the original due date, anyway?

I'm sorry about your Grandpa. And your Grandma. I've been there, and I understand. ((hugs))

debra said...

So sorry about your Grandpa. I'm sending hugs and prayers.

I'm guessing Wednesday night/Thursday morning for the baby's birth. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Ha!

Margaret said...

big hugs to you about your grandpa.

I was thinking about you today and wondering if you had had the little one... Sending vibes for him to stay off your bladder and start making the trip on outta there.

KEep us posted!

p.s. - i envy you and the no TV for a while. Only news on our front is a ginormous hurricane that completely rocked our world down here in Houston.

Childsplayx2 said...

I can't believe you haven't had that kid yet.

Have you grown accustomed to Bronco Mania yet? It was a bit weird for me to visit my then-girlfriend, now-wife, when she lived in Denver and go to church on Sunday and half the congregation would have Bronco jerseys on.

You didn't miss much. Except I told the whole world I have moobs.

Issas Crazy World said...

Laughing at Debra....but truly your guess is as good as mine. Doctor said on Friday, you know maybe your due date is the 20th. So really, she has no clue either.

Becky said...

omg i hadn't heard from you all weekend so i assumed that the baby wasn't here. good lord. he's taking his sweet time.