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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

T-12 days or so

This weekend we were in the mountains for a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding, but dam I'm so over weddings. This is the forth one this summer, the third of which the girls were in. I mean really, don't these people know any other little girls?

About half way through Sunday, I started having those fake contractions. The Braxton Hicks things. I never had them with either of the girls, so I had no freaking idea. I thought I was going into labor and I freaked the fuck out. One of the groomsmen was nice enough to choose that moment to tell me about the woman who, just the previous weekend, had been in the mountains for a wedding and upon leaving stopped in McDonalds....and gave freaking birth in the bathroom. Seriously, he wasn't even lying. A friend of mine works in the hospital that they brought her down to. While it was an interesting story, it was not what I needed to hear when I was having contractions, four hours away from home. Nope, not helpful.

Turns out, they were fake contractions. Somehow I'm thinking this baby is going to be different. See, with Morgan I went into labor and she was born six hours later. With Bailey....well she was born two hours after my water broke, I hadn't had a single contraction before that. I went from nothing to continuous contractions with her. Now this boy, well I guess he'll do what he's going to do. But the fake contractions, I could have done without that. Cause really, ouch. He's dropped, I keep thinking he's so low, that he could just stick a hand out and wave at me. I go in tomorrow, so we'll see if I'm dilated at all.

So yeah, that's what's going on with me. The nursery is ready, the suitcase is packed, the boy has a name; he can make his grand appearance whenever he wants. We're ready and looking forward to squishing him. I just can't wait to hold him and smell his tiny head...well hopefully his tiny head.

I have about nine zillion posts to read and a mountain of stuff to do Morgan is off of school today. I promise to visit you all at some point today or tomorrow. How was your long weekend?


whensheworeponytails said...

Aww, good luck on your appointment. I hope you've made some good progress. I have a six month old and remember well how much I'd hope for progress at each appointment. LOL

Anonymous said...

My Braxton Hicks are MUCH worse on this third pregnancy. They actually hurt.

Becky said...

omgi can't wait to see what the boy looks like! and what name you decided on! i got braxton hicks all the time with hannah BUT they never hurt!