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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

All those boy hormones

Hi! I'm a hormonal mess. Just thought I'd share. Everyone is my house is sick to death of me right now. All I've done is cry off and on all day. It started last night, when I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy (Season premiere, cause you know I was birthing a child at that exact time last week. Holy crap that was a sad episode, with all the dying and impaling and yelling.) and I've not really stopped. I cried at commercials this morning, some of your blog posts and the fact that I've managed to misplace one teeny tiny sock. I wish I was kidding. I just can't stop. I've fought with my husband, yelled at the dog and ignored my daughters. I didn't sleep last night, which effing sucks, because the baby did.

Mr. Perfect Baby (did I mention he slept five hours in a row, then ate, then slept more, the last two nights?) gets the award for keeping me from just totally losing it. I'm not depressed, at least I don't think so. Unlike with the girls, I do know what to look for. Hi, been there, done that, still...well never mind. My doctor (and husband and MIL) is paying close attention. It's just these dam hormones. They are kicking my ass. It's like major PMS without the bleeding.

My MIL (bless her) said something today that made the most sense to me. She said, "you had boy parts and hormones in you for over nine months and now you don't. Both ways are a shock to your system. Made complete sense, didn't help much, but it made sense. She will not be getting random items thrown at her head.

I came here thinking, if I just start writing, something better will come to me. You know, the "if you build it HE will come" thing? But it's just not working for me.

Baby birthing story to come, when I can manage to sit down and finish it.


Lesley said...

WOW. Your MIL is so wise!! I could use some of that kind of wisdom and insight in my life sometimes. Does she offer an hourly rate?? :-P

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time but it also sounds like you're fighting through to hang tough. We're all rooting for you. And Perfect Baby is such a looker!!

(Okay. First official comment. Guess I'm not a lurker anymore.)

Anonymous said...

I felt that way after each of the boys were born. About 2-3 days after I came home with them I started crying and couldn't stop. It only lasted a day or so and then it was over. Totally different from PPD.

Feel better.

MichelleRenee said...


I thought it was me. I had my 2 girls and was pretty OK, but that boy, he killed me.

I cried for over a week, (not to scare you) over NOTHING.

Then one day it was gone, freaking weird, but gone.

Hope it's the same for you..
Good Luck!

Margaret said...

Please look for raging hormonal emails from me in about 3 months.

Oh, and yes, I am taking notes about what you are going thru.

Hugs to you guys (even the dogs).

Anonymous said...

COngratulations!!! And born on the 25th? Like, my birthday?

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Hey, it's okay to cry some! You just went through something pretty damn traumatic, and what your MIL said is totally true. So take a break, don't stress about the hormones too much and tell everyone to buzz off if they're harassing you for being emotional :) You'll feel better soon. Can't wait to read the birthing story!

Becky said...

i can't wait for the birthing story. FINISH IT! lol

anymommy said...

I'm always a crying weepy mess after I give birth. Completely normal. I just caught up and I am so sorry they put you through that at the hospital before you left and SO glad that your perfect little boy is just fine!!