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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday weirdness

  • Last night I heard water running at 2am. I got up to pee (what you thought I'd get up for no reason?) and then walked around to see who had water on. My MIL is still here, so I wasn't overly concerned. The noise was coming from the girls bathroom, so I went in to check it out. There was Morgan in the bath, shampooing her hair. I was a little worried that she was sleep-bathing, so I really gently asked her what the hell she was doing. Getting ready for school was her answer. She woke up, convinced she was running late and hopped in the bath. At 2am.
  • Someone was on my site last night for two and a half hours. They read or clicked through 62 pages. This is only my 52nd post, so I'm not sure how they managed to do that. It kinda freaked me out a bit. Then again, HI, to whomever it was. I'm nice, would you like a cookie?
  • I dream about food all the time now. But when I wake up I can only manage to eat a few bites of something at a time. There is just no room for food.
  • I feel kinda like an ass. I had just commented to Emily at Wheels on the Bus that if her daughter was born before my son, I'd totally me mad and cry. Her due date was a few weeks from now. Then I went back last night and saw that someone had posted that she had her baby last night. Emily, I was totally kidding. I'm so happy for you. Congrats on the new baby!
  • I spend my days plotting against my son, which is probably not the best thing. But really he's giving me no choice. In fact it's not just me whose doing it. Here's a piece from a chat I had the other night with When She Wore Ponytails. It totally cracks me up that other people are going to help me screw with my son.

When: the message below your name*** just made me snort my diet pepsi. It's now an adjective.
4:26 PM me: too funny.
4:27 PM not the pepsi snorting so much, cause I know that hurts
When: bless your heart. i know you're tired of being pregnant. that part hurts, too. hehe
me: yep...kinda sucky
4:28 PM When: he's waiting for friday...that's my birthday...he wants to be born on that random stranger's birthday LOL
me: but hey maybe he'll be born old enough to get a job
it's just as plausible as the Libra thing my mom says
4:29 PM When: hehe, if he doesn't move on or out soon he'll need that job. he needs to start paying you rent
me: yeah...i swear he asked for a burrito this morning...little shit
4:30 PM When: that settles it...Celine Dion for his 8 track player
me: i'm thinking michael bolton or that one guy meatloaf
When: oh meatloaf is an excellent plan..that way each song is a really long torture
4:31 PM me: yep that sounds good to me
that and the pinto
and a pager instead of a cell phone
When: a VOICE pager...not one of those cool "number"ones
4:32 PM me: with a button that I can talk through at any hey son, mommy misses you, it's time to come home and cuddle...and he'll be 17
4:33 PM When: that's awesome. only problem is with the pinto there will be limited people to embarrass him in front of
you'll have to make sure he's in a crowded room
me: oh it has room for a girl
4:34 PM When: true! and the joy of calling him "Pookie" in front of her will be so awesome as you eat a burrito that will actually fit into your tummy now that he's out
me: dude there is so no room for a burrito
right now
When: I totally get that
those cravings are annoying when where the heck are you supposed to put it?
me: especially those huge tasty ones that my husband loves
4:35 PM exactly
i just get to smell things and eat two bites and throw it out. on second thought, I have become my kids

*** In Google the message below my name says yep...still pregnant.


Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

You could always make him listen to Clay Aiken to embarrass him. You know, like the pinto's horn could play "Run to Me" or some such.

There was indeed kissing between Prospective Boyfriend and me. It was the whole high school thing. "I should go" more kissing "I have to get up early in morning" more kissing and repeat.

Gossip Girl has taken over my tv. It has the potential to become very bad.

Kristin said...

Sleep bathing? Is that for real? Does she have a wacky habit?

As for your son... pffft! Boys are such sweeties... you're going to be a goner.

whensheworeponytails said...

I've had my eye on the net for that Pinto! hehe I enjoyed getting to chat with you.

Poor girl. I hate when that happens and it has happened to me, too. Far too many times. One time I started drinking my caffeine so then it was all over for me. My poor children don't have a chance.