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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Think Pink

October is breast cancer awareness. I don't know many people who this disease has not touched in some way; a relative, friend or a friends relative. My aunt is kicking it's ass right now. She had found a lump at some point last spring. They removed it and two she never even felt. She did radiation and now she's doing chemo as a preventative measure. She is winning. But the key is catching it as early as possible. We need to check ourselves weekly. Anything looking or feeling weird needs to be checked immediately. There is no time to wait. Cancer doesn't wait.

We need to fight this disease. We need to cure this disease. Until that happens, we can try and prevent it taking lives by catching it early enough to do something. Early enough to fight. Prevention is the key.

So ladies, what I'm saying is this: get all nice and cozy with the girls. Play with them. Come on now, you know your husbands would love to see this. (Sorry couldn't help it.)

Think pink!


Kim @ said...

Yep, yep he would. I just have to fight him to keep the damned camera out of his hand. hehe Which is weird because lesss just say that with three babies the girls ain't what they yoostabee.

I agree with you. My grandmother had to have treatment for it, too. It's so scary to think of someone you love going through that. I bet going through it is no picnic, either.

Kim @ said...

Oh, my point. Yes, we need a cure and early detection is key. It's awesome of you to post a reminder about it. The more it crosses people's minds the more likely they are to check that day.