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Friday, August 29, 2008

Let the Betchfest begin

Her Bad Mother (who I stole the picture above from) came up with this great idea for a betchfest, where people who are needing to betch and didn't feel like they could do it on their own sites could post at other peoples cribs, anonymously. People will be posting all over the place, letting it all hang out there for the world to read I mean. This lovely person (betcher?) below, needed to betch and I'm glad to be able to share my space with her. Really it's a dam fine rant. I want to betch slap someone just from reading it. Please, go to The Basement for more info on this lovely event or to read more betch posts.

FYI - I'm posting somewhere as well and if you know me and want to read it, feel free to email me and I'll point you in the right direction. I'll be in and out all weekend, doing family (drama) bonding at a wedding, so this post will be given it's proper due, being up all weekend. Have a safe and fun Labor day and now, please give your attention to the lovely rant below.

RUDE by anonymous:

I had been thinking about my Betchfest post for a few days, wondering what, of the many things I love to betch about, that I would share with a new audience.

But then something fell in my lap, a true gift from the Goddess of Betch. It is so great it should be entered into some kind of Festival of Rudeness. I bet it would win a blue ribbon.

This will definitely make my top ten all-time Hall of Fame rude things that have ever happened to me.

My co-worker, after spending almost a year planning a wedding largely at work (hours of daily phone calls, endless discussions of "What do you think of these flowers?" designing invitations on company time…) canceled the event the weekend before it happened.

The couple had hidden the fact that they were getting married from one of the mother-in-laws to be, because they said she would flip out if she knew they were together. At work, we all advised that this was a terrible idea. They needed to come clean with MIL2B and act like adults.

Someone finally told MIL2B about the wedding, she did indeed go off her nut (would you not lose it if your kid was getting married without even telling you?) and what with one thing and another (screaming, threats of violence) the wedding gets canceled. Sad, a tragedy, but a preventable one. Live and learn, right?

The bride, J. decided to move out of crazy her mom's house into her own place because of all the screaming and such.

So today I get an email:

As for returning the wedding gifts, some of you have graciously offered to let us keep the gifts you sent as a house warming and a helping hand to J. We thank you for that, because we really need it. For those whom i have yet to return gifts to, please email me back and let me know how you'd like me to proceed. We can arrange for a personal exchange, i can return the item in exchange for a gift card and send that to you, or I'm willing to entertain any other options you prefer. This is, alas, the messy part of putting off a wedding. And to satisfy your curiosity, yes, we lost a LOT of money canceling the event and honeymoon.

Can you believe the chutzpah? (that's "big brass balls" in English).

Can you SMELL the manipulation?

SOME people are GRACIOUS enough to let us keep the wedding gifts (despite the lack of a wedding) because, well, we really need it! And if you are crass enough to actually want us to do the right thing and send the gifts back, YOU have to email US and let us know how "you'd like me to proceed!" Because we REALLY spent a LOT of MONEY so we deserve those bath towels!!

Oh, if Miss Manners were dead, she would be spinning in her grave. As is, she probably felt a disturbance in the Force and got knocked on her butt by it.

What a world, what a world.

Anonymous out


Wyliekat said...

Oh, now that's a story and a half. Bridezilla without the wedding. Does that make her Engagementzilla?

Me? I think if I were that irked about it, I'd absolutely contact her and let her know exactly how to proceed. And I'm not even being rude. But damnit, I'd have let her keep it if she wasn't such an Engagementzilla about it.

Anonymous said...

There is NO excuse for poor behavior.

Insane Mama said...

chutzpah.... For real

Jade, Will and Illy said...

Wow. Now THAT is ridiculous.

whensheworeponytails said...

Too bad I'm married. I think we just found excellent scheme for furnishing a home. LOL

That's some nerve!!

caramama said...

That is nuts! The wedding they canceled because they were stupid enough to try to keep it from one of the moms?!?! That email is ridiculous and incredibly rude. I hope you are going to email back that you would like your gift back and that maybe they should buy a book on etiquette!

slackermommy said...

The last sentence of her email is priceless.

You should email her back and tell her you need the gift back because you also need the money and that you would also like to be reimbursed for the non-returnable dress you bought to wear to the wedding.

Immoral Matriarch said...

You are exactly right: what a world!

SUEB0B said...

Actually, I was going to email her to suggest she should send out an email to the ppl who didn't get a chance to hand over their gifts because the wedding was cancelled. Something along the lines of "Well, we cancelled the wedding, but some ppl had the chance to give us their gifts anyway, and we wanted to keep it fair and make sure YOU had the opportunity to be so nice as to give us a gift, too!"


I did ask for my gift back. Because I am mean that way and not "gracious."

CageQueen said...