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Sunday, June 21, 2009

For Mike

Today's post is for Mike Spohr. Happy Father's Day. Mike my heart is with you and Heather everyday, but especially today. Hugs, Issa

Sometimes, the best we can do is share a person’s experience and let them know we have their back. That while we may not how they feel, we recognize that there are days that are just going to suck beyond the telling of it.

So today we celebrate firsts. Just a very few of Maddie’s firsts from the Spohr family flickr photostream:

First time being held by daddy

First time being held by mommy

Chillin’ after the first bath

First Christmas

First Sunshine, First Car Ride

First nap when a totally embarrassing picture of Mike was taken

First Baseball Game

(Which was probably after Mad’s first trip to a BAR.)

We celebrate all the joyous firsts with you and stand guard over you for all the firsts to come.

The Women of Room 704.


Marinka said...


Vixen said...

Such a wonderful thing to do for Mike. Happy Father's day to all the dads in your life too.

Marla said...

Great post. She was such a pretty baby. I will be praying for her family today.