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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Questions for the class

1. Do you guys comment back to people in your own comment sections? I email people a lot of the time, but some days, I just want to say something like, ha that was funny. Or a big thanks to everyone, on a post like my last one, where I am having trouble finding words to thank everyone individually. (Truly, everyone, thank you. I can't say more than a heartfelt thank you to each of you.) A lot of times, I don't have an email address, as blogger doesn't require one to comment. I read every comment, I love every comment and I appreciate you all for taking the time to respond to me. I just can't always respond to everyone back. What's your take on it?

2. Do any of you feel the urge to write a post, just because the one that is currently up is hard and sad and you feel like it needs to be moved down a bit? Is it just me who gets like this? Because I could have nothing to say, but I will come up with something, just to move a post down if the subject is too raw. i.e. today.

3. Blogrolls? Yah or nay? I used to love having one, but now with the BlogHer Ads, I don't feel like it will ever be seen. Do you like them, do you ever click on them? Would you want to be on mine?

4. BlogHer Ads is a tricky thing. I wanted them for so long. It seemed like the thing to do. I really love BlogHer, I think they've done a great thing for this community. They've helped to bring so many people together. But the ads will never make me a cent. I didn't put them up for that, not in the least. But I'm wondering why I have them. Is it a status thing? For a long time, back in the day, it was. If you had them, you were in some type of in crowd. It's not really like that anymore. All I know is it takes up a big chunk of space on my site and I'm not sure I need, nor want it there anymore. Thoughts?


Jaden Paige said...

Well, I don't know much about BlogHer, but if you aren't making anything off them, and you don't feel like you need that old *status symbol* anymore, I'd take them down. But that's just me, and I am super picky about my site looking as "clean" as possible... Ask my hubby, he just tried to help me change my layout, and if you look on my site, I'm back to my old one again. I have the hardest time changing things around....

I sometimes comment back in my comment section. But more often than that I email... or I don't follow up at all, because the majority of the comments I get are *backsies* from someone I just visited, or visit regularly and comment regularly if it's just like a "Oh that was cute" comment or something, I don't feel like it's necessary. Just some of my thoughts! :)

skyesofblue said...

Yes, I have commented in my comment page but then I figured if someone commented already they are not coming back so they will never see it. Right? Yes, I do get that urge to write a post especially when I see that no one comments when I do a sad post or I am up on my soapbox! I pretty new at this and I like the blogrolls and yes I do click on them. I don't have ads yet but I'm not really crazy about the ones I see on so many blogs. Way to big and I've even had a pop-up on a few. Hate that!

PsychMamma said...

1. I commented back in my comment section, but not for every comment. I have to say that, as a commentER, I'm not offended in any way if I don't get any comment back. I guess I only feel it's necessary if the comment creates another question or creates a conversation that you (the writer/blogger) want to continue.

2. Yep. I felt like that sometimes. I figure no one minds some light fluff or a picture now and then.

3. I like blogrolls. It's how I've found a lot of the blogs that I currently stalk. I'd vote "yay."

4. I don't like ads on blogs. I find them distracting and annoying usually. I don't mind buttons or links to other blogs or places that the blogger supports/believes in/loves. It's another great way to find neat things. Ads though?? Impersonal, cluttery, & distracting (especially if they scroll, move or change while you're reading). Just my opinion. I still read blogs I love, even if they have ads. :-)

Love ya!

MarvelousMOM said...

I reply by email...and it sucks when someone doesn't have one. I
feel if I comment back in the comment section, people won't see it.

I've posted to move a post.

Blogrolls are cool. I find myself finding new people though from reading their comments.

The ads aren't important to me.


Anonymous said...

When I had a Blogger blog, I tried to comment via email... even if it was just "Thanks!" because I figured -- something is better than nothing. If they didnt leave an email, I would try to see if they had a blog link and see if their email was listed there.... yeah, a lot of legwork but I liked replying. Otherwise I might post a reply comment if I couldn't find anything else!

And yes, I've posted just to move a post down. Anything. A meme. Anything! lol.

Also, ditto to Psychmama -- as a commenter, I don't mind if the blogger doesn't comment back (unless of course I had an awesome comment or a question lol. Then I might feel like the uncool kid if I don't get a response!)

I click on the blogrolls, but mostly those ones that show the most recent posts, you know the kind I'm talking about? I like those.

It's so funny that you are debating the BlogHer ads, because I am going through the exact same thing. I don't have an answer yet. I will put them up and see what happens.... if I get sick of them I can take them down! Partly I think it's great to support BlogHer and their sponsors... they are able to do a lot because of them... but may or may not be worth the space to me!

Becky said...

i hate ads! so take them down!

i comment in my own comments! i used to do it in emails but not everyone has an email for when they comment!

Momma Sunshine said...

Hi There.

Just happened to stumble across your blog, and hey, I've got an opinion, like everyone else in the world.


1. If I comment back, it's in the comment section. Rarely do I email someone directly, but it's been known to happen. Sometimes I say nothing at all, depending on my mood and energy level.

2. I have in the past posted something just to move things along, yes. Not recently, though.

3. I love blogrolls.If I find a blog that I enjoy, I love seeing who THEY in turn enjoy. I've found many a great new blog that way.

4. If you're wondering why you have the BlogHer ads, then maybe you don't feel the need to have them there anymore? I dunno.

Great blog! I'm definitely adding you to my Google Reader. :D

Kay said...

1 - I use WP, and have a plugin that allows me to comment back (in the comments) and also sends an email to the original commenter. Cause I know I always MEAN to check back and see if my comment got a response, but I never remember. I'm not sure if Blogger has anything like that available? And now I have to check and see if I actually commented on your post yesterday or just planned to and forgot.

2 - Yes. All the time. I usually just stifle the urge, because... well, I'm lazy.

3 - Blogrolls. Uhm. Yay and nay. In theory, they're great. I DO find a lot of my new reads that way. I figure if I love your blog, and you love her blog, maybe I'll love her blog too? But I hate updating them.

4 - It's your blog. If the ads aren't making you any money, and you don't really see a purpose to them, then... why have them? I don't think I've ever clicked on a BlogHer ad, ever. I try to look at my page as a reader, thinking what I'd like to see there. I'd much rather see links to something the writer likes or believes in. Besides, most people don't scroll that far down on a page - so whatever is on your sidebars at the top should be what's most important to you.

I'll shut up now, and go write a post on my own blog :)

Kari said...

1. I know how you feel, wanting to thank everyone, but I figure that we're all bloggers, so we all know that the person we commented on most likely read it and appreciated it, especially if it was a show of support - so I think the thanks is a given.

2. I feel that urge too.

3. I keep a blogroll on my site mostly to keep track of the blogs I like to read. I go into my blog and check out the updates on my blogroll. Sometimes I look at other people's blogrolls, and have found other great bloggers that way - but I don't think they are essential by any means.

4. I didn't pursue Ads because of the space they'd take up on my blog. Maybe I'll feel differently after BlogHer in July, but for now, I have no interest in getting them. If they are more of a pain in the butt to you, then I'd get rid of them.

Maura said...

I think I've already given you my feedback on parts of this but, for the record:

1. I comment back in my comments section, if at all. I don't see following up individually as an obligation; to me, that's not what comments are about.

2. No, I can't say as I've ever written to move something down. But then, I don't write about difficult, painful stuff, so it's not totally comparable.

3. I like to have a blogroll for many reasons. I update it once in a while to reflect changes in who I'm reading. I'd like to think that if someone likes my place, they'd check out my online friends, too.

4. Ads; never had 'em, never want 'em. I don't think they serve a purpose on most of our blogs. I can tell you I never click on them. I don't like the distraction they create.

But, like I always say, it's your blog and you have to be comfortable with what you do there!

Marla said...

I wouldn't really worry about commenting back unless something really touches you. My blog is new and I have few readers so I always comment on whoever commented me though. I'm trying to make friends or whatever.

I have this really bad habit of reading blogs and not commenting though. I have now made a vow to comment on every single blog I read, even if it's just a "I know what you are going through," or "stick in there."

I have no real input on the other stuff.

Amazing Greis said...

Wow, had no idea there were quizzes during the summer. LOL

I comment back via e-mail, I've never left a comment on my blog, I've never thought to, I think only cause I rarely go back to blogs and see if a comment was left after my comment.

I like Blogrolls. I've found some great reads through other's "recommendations".

Ads - I have'em, but don't make anything off of them. Not sure that I'll be keeping them too much longer.

anymommy said...

Great questions, I wonder about it too.

I used to comment back in the comment section a lot, but then I realized that not many people come back just to read the comments. The exception is when I ask for discussion or a good discussion gets going - but that depends on the post.

I felt weird about blogrolls when I started blogging because it felt so sad to pick certain blogs and not others and so messy to have so many blogs listed in my sidebar. Sooo, I still don't have one. Which is silly I think, because I love seeing my name on them.

Um, ads don't bother me on sites, but if you don't like it, take it down darling!

Gray Matter said...

1) I'm a horribly lazy email-comment-backer. I do tend to click over to blogs of people who comment and try to leave a comment for them. Everyone loves them. I respect bloggers that do continue a thread, then again, I'm not sure 5-9 comments warrants that. :-)

2) This is a great question. YES! I totally feel like sometimes I want to put something new up so that people don't click over and see something I think is kinda crappy or boring or whatever. My latest post is an example of just such a post--felt funny about the one below it so...

3)I like blogrolls...if I'm on them. I know people do click over to other blogs from my blog roll when I bother to track that sort of thing.

4) BlogHer ads, yeah. Never made much $, but I like what the group stands for and I like being affiliated with such a cool group of women. Plus my blog is a boring template so it actually spices it up a bit.

I love your questions--they're all things I've wondered before too. xo

Rachael said...

I like blogrolls because if I love someone's blog, I like to be able to check out what they're reading.

I don't reply to comments in my comments section unless someone doesn't leave an e-mail and I REALLY want to say something to them. I prefer to have my comments replied to by e-mail because I don't have time to go back and look at the comments every time I post one. I love that WP plugin that lets you reply in the comments AND sends an e-mail, but if you (like me) don't use wordpress, it's not really an option.

I'm debating BlogHer ads too. I love BlogHer, and the reason I signed up wasn't to make money, but because it puts your link below BH ads on other pages. I'm just not sure how much traffic I actually get from that, and if it's not significant I'd rather remove the ad, I just don't know how to test it!

EatPlayLove said...

I never go back to a post to read if something was said after I commented. It really depends what was said, if I feel the need I email back. But that's a lot of pressure (to email everyone, not like there are so many, but you know!)

I definitely have to write to freshen the top! I feel you.

I have a blogroll, but I think I want that reader feed instead. I feel bad if I miss someone on it and I have so many in my reader, they aren't all on my blogroll.

I don't have ads mainly because of my traffic. I'm not in the club, so not sure what to tell ya!

Basically I answered all your questions and said nothing poignant! That sums up my day really.

Anonymous said...

1. sometimes, if i want to clarify or respoond to everyone

Anonymous said...

Took me a few days, but here I am.

1. I gave up on commenting back. I still try to sometimes, but don't always find the time.
2. Yes. Plenty of times.
3. I took down my blog roll a while back. I like seeing what other people read, and I love when I find myself on one, but a lot of times I've found that it has less to do with who someone reads than with who asks them or who they tweet or what clique they belong to. No thanks.
4. I have ads. They don't usually bother me on other blogs. Whatever is right for the blogger I'm cool with.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I get caught up on the comment thing too---I try to comment back and always answer a direct question, but it's hard to do that all the time (and I don't get a lot of comments!); plus, as someone mentioned Blogger doesn't require email addresses so I have to go through a lot of trouble to contact someone if they don't leave an email.

Regarding the ads---I'm torn. It took me months and months to get a check and it makes me question "Why?" I was so happy to get 'accepted' into the program, but the ads do affect the look of my ad, so I may take them off. I just don't know yet.

becky @ misspriss said...

I comment back to people on my blog. If it's something lengthy or personal, I email them.

I do notice traffic spikes from other bloggers when I'm featured in headlines. For the one who asked above, if you use Google Analytics (you have to install a small amount of code on your blog) you can see where your traffic is coming from.

I, for one, would miss you if you left BlogHerAds, but since you're in the group I read for headlines (I'm an editor with them), I may be a wee bit biased. (Yes, full disclosure, I work for them, but I had the ads way before that. And I think it's a cool program. And people don't have to click on your ads for you to get paid as it's based on page impressions, which has to do with how many people are reading, not who clicks them.) So, if you do have any questions or concerns you are more than welcome to contact our help desk, because we'd much rather try to help you out than to see you go. :)