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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nine Months


This morning your sister Morgan came and woke me up at 7:36am. I was shocked that you had been so kind as to sleep in that long. No such luck buddy. Although your sister was kind enough to let me sleep, as she'd gone in and gotten you and given you a bottle and basically followed you around for an hour. Today she is my hero and I paid her accordingly.

Of course, I ignored the fact that she came to get me, because she was tired of you, but whatever. She's seven, so I'm just glad she was willing to play with you for an hour. She super-dup loves you. You and she were both alive and you hadn't managed to completely destroy the house, so that was a plus.

Darling boy of mine, you are very destructive. Your sisters were too, but in way different ways. Given 22 seconds, you will completely destroy a plant. You overturn the dogs food and water bowl if given any unsupervised second in the kitchen. You can take every book off of a shelf in less than a minute and I've yet to find a way to keep you out of the DVD's. Don't think you don't have toys, because you have dozens. You just seem to find them all extremely boring, save for two matchbox cars of Aidan's, that you crash into each other all the time. Oooommmm you say, as you crash them into each other. I assume this is boom crash, which is what Aidan says all the time. You also think Tupperware and plastic spoons are the best thing ever invented. And remotes, which I swear to god you must be baby Houdini, because no matter where we put them, you can find them and take the batteries out before I even know what you've got.

You are all boy. We have, in the last few weeks given you an official, Baby Transformer Name, which is Destructor. It fits. Perfectly.

You stand against the couch, pulling yourself up by your fat baby fingers, but haven't tried to walk at all. Thank freaking god, because I am not used to the crawling thing, which you've been doing for months, so walking is out of the question. Don't do it.

You have like a gazillion teeth, or nine, but who's counting? They all seem to have come in at once and sleeping has been an issue the past month. You will eat just about anything. Baby food is becoming lame, you prefer real food. But you aren't that picky, you just want it now. In fact, you wanted it three minutes ago. You also eat pretty much anything you find on the floor and I'd like to tell you this makes me sweep more, but it just doesn't. Son, you are the third kid. Enjoy the carpet fuzz. Sorry about that, but mama doesn't think it's a big deal anymore.

In the past month, you have found your voice. Meaning you screech all the time. Then you laugh at yourself, because you? Are the funniest guy you know. Then you look around to see where your cheering squad is, because you are used to having someone clap for you. I fear for your preschool teachers one day.

You have also started talking. We had this conversation this morning:

Me: Bubs what does a duck say? You: kak kak

Me: What does a doggie say: You: OOOFFFFFF (You screech this, most likely because our dog is extremely loud.)

Me: You're right. Yay you. But shhhhh baby, inside voice. You: chhhhhhhhhhh

Me: Exactly. Now, what does a moo cow say. You: ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh

Me: Bubby can you say milk? You: ik

Me: Close enough. How about ball, can you say ball? You: ball. (This was your first word by the way, after dada.)

Me: Can you say more? You: *gives me the sign for more.*

Me: How about daddy, can you say daddy? You: dadadadadadadada *does a little happy dance*

Me: Yay. Where is daddy? You: bye bye. *waves at yourself*

Me: Silly baby. How about mama, can you say mama? You: dadadadada

And this, my son, is what we do every single day. I always throw in new words, just to see how you try to say it. You can say mama. You say it when you are hurt, sick, extremely tired and at 3am when you don't want dada. But when asked, you will never say mama to me. This is what I'd like you to work on for the next month. It's your tiny baby goal, okay?

Baby boy, you are an absolute joy. Know this forever, that no matter how bad my life may be for me in the moment, or how sad I might be, you light up my world. Every second of every day, I adore you.

Love, mama


andrea's sweet life said...

What a lovely letter to your baby boy! They grow up far too fast.

PsychMamma said...

Absolutely beautiful. Time goes by so fast!!

P.S. Nine months and he's been crawling for "months"??? What kind of super baby is he? J didn't pull herself up, crawl or walk until 1 week after she turned 1. Then she did all 3 within 3 days. :-)

Jaden Paige said...


Avasmommy said...

How beautiful.

Ava is the same destructive dynamo that he is. We gave up trying to keep her away from remotes, DVDs and books. We do hide the Ipods, though. I draw the line at her drooling and chewing on those.

Anonymous said...

So sweet. It's nice that the big sis was a helper today. Can she teach my husband?

Anonymous said...

First, that is a sweet letter. Sooo sweet.

Second, you have some sort of super baby. Seriously!?! Crawling for months? Talking!? Nine TEETH!

Crap. I have it easy and I didn't even know it.

Susan said...

With the bitter comes the sweet. Thank GOD it's more sweet than bitter!
; )

Amazing Greis said...

Such a sweet letter. Such lucky kids.

Way to go Big Sister, letting mom sleep in!


Piece of Work said...

We called Isaac Captain Destructo. And not to be a bitch, but it only got worse until he was about 27 months. (ducks) I"m sure your baby will move out of this stage much quicker! :) xo

anymommy said...

I want to borrow your daughter. It's a gorgeous letter. Slow down, baby boy, it all goes to fast.

Kirsten said...

Don't you wish you could just bottle up a little bit of them to save for later?

What a sweet letter.