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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me

It's been a while since I've done a meme, right? No? Eh, whatever. It's either, this sixteen meme that I stole from Domestic Extraordinaire and Amazing Greis, or my too do list for our upcoming trip to Disney. Somehow I figured you'd all prefer the meme. It is the sixteen things you can't live with this summer. I have a love of summer, if only until it gets too hot and then I start praying for Fall. In Denver though, the horrible hear generally only lasts a few weeks, in July-August, so until then, I will love summer.

So here it goes, sixteen things I can't live without during summer:

1. Sunscreen. I am a pasty white, Polish honky. Serious, I fry even with sunscreen. I love the smell of it. The smell of summer to me is sunscreen.

2. Watermelon. I will have watermelon in my fridge all summer. It is included with every single meal.

3. The beach. I may not live near one. But I make sure to go once a summer at least, since we moved. A summer without the beach is just wrong. The pool is a great second choice.

4. Flip-flops. Now truly I wear flip-flops as often as humanly possible, but buying new ones every summer makes me so happy.

5. My AC. House and car. I don't really mind the heat in the daytime, but I can't stand to be hot when I want to sleep. Luckily, our house has AC. It's not a given out here. Summer is so short, that older houses don't generally have it.

6. Popsicles. I love them as much as my kids do.

7. Margaritas & mojitos, the two greatest drinks ever invented.

8. BBQ's. We love to BBQ.

9. Sun. Which you would think is a given, but all it has done here in the past month is rain. Rain, Rain and a bit more rain. Sun would be nice. (Is pouring as I type this. Literally, we haven't turned our sprinklers on yet.)

10. My camera. Somehow I am really good at taking pictures in the summer. Maybe it's the green on the trees, or the sun kissed look my kids have, but I love summer outdoor pictures.

11. Iced tea. What is summer without constant iced tea? Think it's not good for you? I'll tell you what my grandma always said: iced tea has to be good for you, it's almost all water. People never argued with her. You can't argue with the voice of reason.

12. Vacations. I don't care where we go, or what we do, but we always do something. Even smaller weekend trips make a summer worthwhile.

13. Movies. Summer movies are always the best and this summer is full of them. Logan and I have made a pact to see two a month. We were going to try for one a week, but it's just not going to happen.

14. Summer food: corn on the cob, smores, cherries, hot dogs, churros and BBQ chicken. I love it all.

15. Dam this is a lot of numbers. Ooohhh ice cream. Should be a higher number. To be honest, we have ice cream often. In the summer though, it is a food group and the most important one.

16. We are going to Disneyland this weekend. We're going to go to the beach. I'm going to bask in the smell of he tiny newborn my cousin had three weeks ago. And? I get to meet Instamom. Basically this weekend, is high on my list.


Amazing Greis said...

Dood, can't believe I TOTES forgot FLIP-FLOPS on my list. I live in flip-flops year round. That's the nice thing about Texas, it's never too cold for flip-flops.

Great list, you left BlogHer and meeting me off your list. I'm sure that was a total oversight, right?


Jaden Paige said...

Woo hoo! Great list! I might have to snatch this meme and do it too... But then again, a lot of mine would be the same as yours! :) Have a blast at Disney!

Maura said...

Great list. :-) I'd leave off the BBQ and the flip flops for mine, but basically it'd pretty much be the same.

Hope you have an awesome time at Disneyland!

anymommy said...

Oh! Fun weekend. I love flip flops too, but I have to disagree on the AC, we have none and I LOVE the nights when I go to bed with my hair wet from the shower and all the windows open to stay cool.

Ice cream...yeah, I think you know I'm with you on that.

Amazing Greis said...

I'm just trying to make your blogging easier! I'm that kind of friend.

Tag, you're TOTES it! Check out my most recent post for the rules!

If you don't play I will not be offended! LOL

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Mmm, I love this whole post. So nice.

Anonymous said...

You get to meet Instamom! No fair! ::grin::

Have fun! (And I can't live without those things, either. Especially ice cream. And sun.)

Al_Pal said...

Awesomeness. Great summerness!

I saw your tweet about the tourist fail today. Hilarious! :D

Pacific Ocean, biggest lake EVAR. ;p

Cheers! (My tweets are protected, so I had to come tell you here)

EatPlayLove said...

Love the list. And love pretty much 99% of it. Although ice tea would be closer to the top! Hope you have a great trip.