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Monday, November 24, 2008

Can I tell you a few secrets?

You don't mind, do you? Yeah, I didn't think so.

1. I adore the holidays. Some people tolerate them, some just like them, some people despise them. Me I adore them. Thanksgiving, Christmas and everything in between. The music, the food, the baking, buying gifts. Hell, I even love to wrap gifts. I love to decorate the house and I love having a house full of people, which I will in a few days. The details, the small things that drive people crazy about having a house full of people? I thrive on that type of chaos. Basically, I'm certifiably insane.

2. I'm thinking about staying home this time around. You know, with Harrison. By this time with both of the girls, they were in daycare. I was getting up every morning, getting dressed in real clothes, without spit-up or coffee stains on them and going to my big office in the sky. I dropped them off at 9am and Logan picked them up at 4pm. I loved that life. I loved the free-ness it gave me; the money I made and the security I felt. But when I look at this tiny boy of mine, I can't imagine putting him in daycare. Now too be fair, if I make this decision (which I don't technically have to make until the end of January), he won't go too daycare. He'll go to my best friends house and chill with her all day. Still, I don't think I want to do that. I think I want to stay home with him; be home with my girls; never have to scramble to find someone to take them on days off school, nor put them in summer camp when school is over. Don't tell anyone though, okay?

3. Logan and I have already started talking about having another baby next year. We're not quite to that point yet. But we have pretty much decided that in about six months or so, we're going to try again. We don't want there too be four years between Harrison and a baby. I am not getting any younger and if we want any more, we need to get on that sooner than later. Plus, we kinda like little babies. We'd forgotten how much we like little babies.

So, that's all I've got. This week will be short around here, because of the craziness that will start at my house Wednesday morning. There is still time left to enter the name the photo contest below. If you haven't looked at the comments, you really should, they are all freaking funny. You have until tonight to enter; I'll announce the winner tomorrow.


Jaden Paige said...

1) I a-freakin-dore the holidays too. My hubby was a little bit of a grinch when I met him, but I am working on it and slowly he is being converted. He will never be the holiday FANATIC that I am, but that's ok with me. We even eachother out.

2) If you can afford it, you should... At least I would want to. I love my job, but I so miss the days when I was spending all my time with the little ruggle. There just never seems to be enough time now to do the things I want to with her.

3) YAY! for babies! And YAY! for you guys. That is so awesome. I can't wait till we're in a position to have another one. :)

Lesley said...

I want to adore the holidays! I used to, but the past few years have made the holidays more of something to endure/survive than enjoy. But I'm working on it, because I used to adore them, too, and I want to again!!

And all I know is whether you end up staying home or going back to work, you are a great mom who obviously spends a lot of time thinking about what's best for your kids. So regardless...they simply cannot lose. The ones you have...and the new one you might plan to have in the future!

Mrs. Really Long Name said...

I love your secrets.

Jason Sieckmann said...

This is ridiculous, how dare you enjoy your family and kid?

You are cheating democracy and capitalism...

...wait..that's what the stuff I say on my own site.

In that case carry on...for NOW.

Ha ha...mwa ha ha