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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday Facts, take two

1. I have been working on a photo video thing for Morgan's birthday. She saw it last night and sat in awe of her own freaking pictures. When it was over, she said, Mommy, I really am cute. I have no words. Self-esteem, my kid has it.

2. This morning the kids were arguing about what frozen grass is called. This winning answer is grassicles, in case you ever wondered. Patten and trademark are pending.

3. I received an email from Hallmark, stating that they can send out my Christmas cards. I'm so tempted to take them up on it, seeing how I have yet to even send out birth announcements of my son, who is almost two month old now. But then I saw that I'd have to type my addresses into it and that seems like as much work as writing out the cards myself. Which means, I now feel like I need to go out and buy Christmas cards, order birth announcements and mail them out. I have what? 6 weeks until Christmas, right? I've got loads of time.

4. I have purchased exactly one Christmas gift. One. Just one. It's for the baby; a wooden rocking horse. You know, one he can ride? Which is very helpful considering he won't be old enough to ride it for at least a year and a half. But hey, one gift is one gift. Looks like black Friday shopping is calling my name.

5. Harrison is nine weeks old. I am working on a two month post for him. I have never been that into the week thing. Saying he's nine weeks old, just seems weird to me. I just tell people, he'll be two months old next week. When he turns a year *sob* he will be one years old, I'll stop saying months. Am I the only person who does this? Do any of you find it weird when someone is like, oh he's 22 weeks old, or 37 months? Who can keep track of that kind of shit? I feel lucky if I get my kids names right half the time.


Susan said...

I hate the whole calling age by month thing. HATE it. But I do it. She's 16 months. Guess I'll stop when she turns 2.
: )

Super Ninja Mommy said...

I call my kids by months, because they're close in age, and I want people to see just how close they are. So I have a (nearly) 16 month old and a (nearly) 3 month old.

I *never* tell people I nursed DD2 till she was three... 37 months makes it sound a little less odd. :-P

iMommy said...

I never did the weeks/months thing that way either. Too much thinking!

Anonymous said...

I tried to do the weeks thing...but after 8 weeks or so I just sort of lost track. And now that they're years old, well, sometimes I still lose track :-)

I have all of my Christmas shopping done...but I haven't started on the cards yet.