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Monday, November 17, 2008

TV shows? Am I the only disappointed person?

I have this love hate relationship with TV right now. In some respects I adore TV, I always have. I wasn't allowed to watch much as a kid, which was fine. I mean we do the same thing with the girls. Not that it's always an easy thing to do, by any means. Sometimes you just want to glue their butts in front of the dang thing. However, TV after the kids are in bed is phenomenal. I remember being a teenager and not understanding how my parents could spend their evenings watching TV. I'd never be like that, is what I thought then. Even after one kid, we didn't watch very much TV. But after the second one, you start to realize how much you just need that down time at night. After three kids, forget about it. We are TV loving fools.

Here's the thing though, TV is seriously disappointing me these days. I could care less about most of the shows that I used to love.

Heroes: I don't understand it. Logan is still watching it, but he won't watch it with me, because I have to ask a zillion questions and then I still don't get it. The first season; all that Save the Cheerleader, Save the World stuff? That I understood. Good guys were good, bad guys were bad; I loved it. Now it's a chore to remember any of it. It's too convoluted and makes no dam sense.

Grey's Anatomy: I used to love it, I really did. Now I watch it, because it's habit, not because I really care. The whole ghost of Denny thing just bugs me. George is being way to big of a pussy and they really need to just break up Meredith and Derek, because right now, I can't stand him. Mostly though, I just don't care anymore.

Private Practice and Brothers and Sisters have become so soap operay that I can barely stand to watch them. Which sucks because the first season, I adored both of them. Now it all feels forced and there are way to many story lines to try and keep track off. I have three kids to keep track off, I need my TV shows to be a bit less mind consuming to follow.

Number and CSI: shit, we've been watching those forever, but this too is habit now. I don't really care if we miss them. We record them and half the time erase them before we get to watching it.

There are three shows that we adore: NCIS (although to be honest, we only started watching it this past summer - yay Netflix); The Amazing Race and The Big Bang Theory. All of these, we have been saving and re-watching, since it's pretty much the only thing we want to see. The Big Bang Theory, hands down, the funniest comedy on TV ever. Or in years and years at least.

Oh and Top Chef, I adore Top Chef. Logan only likes it once they get all the whiny asses (his words) off though. Which means, until they get down to the final eight or so, he won't learn their names and he taunts the dam TV every week.

I don't know what it is this season? Maybe it was the writers strike that made them rush the scripts. I don't know if I've just finally hit my limit on crime and medical dramas? What I do know is they need to scrap a ton of shows and start over, start fresh.

We tried watching some of the new shows, gave it a real try. We weren't impressed. The Mentalist is the only one we even record, but we've only actually managed to watch 2 episodes of it. I tried 90210, I really gave it a shot, but it didn't really hold my attention for very long.

Shows like Weeds and Dexter and Saving Grace, off season cable shows, we adore these. But it doesn't help us right now. We don't watch TV, mostly until the kids go to bed, which gives us a good um...two hours before one of us falls asleep at night. Is there something we're missing? Something worth the time? What are you guys loving this season? Or is there something you'd recommend we Netflix?

Am I the only one having TV issues this season?


Anonymous said...

and you just nailed why i have given up tv so i can spend more time reading

Anonymous said...

Greys: I am disappointed in the Denny thing, too. But I still watch, and I'll keep watching, I imagine.

Brothers and Sisters I still enjoy.

Big Bang Theory: AWESOME.

Everything else? Take it or leave it. Blah.

debra said...

You are so right. I am over all of the 'soaps' - Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Private Practice, Greys' Anatomy, etc.

I still love all the Law & Orders but they're they only cop shows I watch.

Big Bang Theory is completely hilarious! I laugh out loud every week. Love How I Met Your Mother too.

So basically, other than Monday nights, I watch the Food Network or HGTV. :)

Mrs. Really Long Name said...

LOVE amazing race. And Top chef too.

I also adore SVU. Mainly because I *heart* Christopher Meloni...mmmm

I went to high school with the guy from the Big Bang Theory.

Also watch: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Jon & Kate plus 8, and still hanging on to E/R.

Altought that is like 7 shows, I have found my tv watching has decreaeed....

Becky said...

i feel the same way. we gave up heroes. the 1st season was so good and now i'm disinterested. i still adore brothers and sisters but greys has been sucking in my book too. i refuse to take on new shows too because now i'm finally getting to the point of managing the millions of shows i watch better. have you watched gossip girl or one tree hill? those are still kicking ass! oh and we love dexter too! and big love on HBO

Jaden Paige said...

I feel the same about a lot of my shows this year... I love ANTM, and that's not so great this season either... I'm hoping this is all temporary.

Have you tried watching that new comedy, Worst Week? It's on Monday nights at 9:30 and I love it. It's one of the few new shows that makes me laugh my assssss right off. :P

iMommy said...

Hubby is loving "My Own Worst Enemy" and we both love "Life"; I agree ib Heroes and Greys; disappointing this season for sure.

Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

I totally feel you on the whole TV is sucking thing right now.

I gave up on Grey's after Denny died. I tried watching the next season and just couldn't. Tried to get into Dirty Sexy Money and eh.

So, I'm basically down to Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill on Mondays. America's Next Top Model, but only when it starts to get good. 90210 is take it or leave it now. Oh, and NCIS. Love it.

rudecactus said...

I'm with you. I watch most stuff just out of habit. The Denny thing on Grey's is, well, interesting. CSI is just plain bad as always but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when Gil leaves.

Kim @ said...

I love tv and I'm so behind on it it's pitiful. Things I love.

Supernatural (pretty haunted boys)

You can catch up via Netflix or..ya know...other ways, too.

Dexter which you've already covered.

I've heard True Blood is awesome.

I love love love Friday Night Lights. You should check it out via Netflix and then you'll be able to see it real time when it shows up on NBC next year.

How I Met Your Mother is also awesome. And you can catch up via Netflix, too.

Also? Check your local library. You'd be totally shocked how much stuff they have in the library.

Also, I'm a total Joss Whedon fanatic. Firefly kicks ass even if it is canceled. Buffy and Angel.

Yes, I am a geek. Why do you ask?

I like Bones, also. And House. Those are both ones you don't really have to catch up on to watch, either.

Also, Netflix Veronica Mars. Awesome awesome awesome. Especially the first season.

I'll stop now lest I prove my geekdom.

Anonymous said...

I have gotten really apathetic about TV, too. There's nothing I *really* look forward to every week. And a lot of shows we do watch out of habit, and because we just hope we'll fall in love with them again. We never really watched that much to begin with, though.

Here's hoping things improve. Otherwise, our Netflix queue is going to clear out quickly!