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Monday, November 3, 2008

There are days….

When the ins and outs of taking care of kids is downright hard.

When you get tired of arguing about Summer versus Fall clothes.

When you get tired of trying to find matching socks and two shoes of the same pair.

When you just want to say, whatever, have whatever you want for breakfast, or don’t eat at all, I really don’t care.

When you get sick of hearing how much your grandma has deteriorated since yesterday.

When you get sick of trying to balance the checkbook, only to realize it doesn’t match the bank statement online, because your dam husband can’t seem to save all his receipts.

When you get sick of having the same argument with said husband, every single week.

When picking up socks and panties, out of every corner of your house, gets old.

When you’d rather sell the dog than listen to her bark at a falling leaf one more time.

When you are so tired of the viciousness and hateful things that are happening because of this election. Tired of arguing with people, who will never look past their own hateful argument.

Then there are days like today. Days that start out with these things above. Days where I want to run away to Cancun and live on the beach. Days, where I quickly realize how good I really have it. Days where I look at this boy and decide instead to be thankful.

Thankful for my babies all being healthy and full of life. Even if that means they may always fight me on clothes issues and breakfast choices.

Thankful for my husband who comes home very single night and picks up the slack.

Thankful, that he has no pre-conceived notion of “woman or mans jobs” around the house; that he will do dishes, clean a bathroom or change a dirty diaper without even having to be asked.

Thankful for having the time with my grandparents that I did. Knowing that most people aren’t that lucky. No, it doesn’t make it any easier to lose them all, especially not two in one year, but it’s still better than not having had them at all.

Thankful that my candidate in this election is 8 points ahead at this time. Thankful for Hope and Change and something different happening in this country.

Thankful for all of you. For listening to me whine, making me laugh and being great friends.

Today I am thankful.


Jaden Paige said...

Aww! I love this post...

Sometimes things get hard, but when I think about all the wonderful things in my life that I take for granted at times, I realize I would never want to change a thing.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's easy to not look for the good, to let the drudge of the everyday get you down. I know, I've been there...sometimes I think I'm still there.

I'm glad you can see past the icky to the good. ((hugs)) to you...stay happy.

iMommy said...

Good for you - it can be really hard to see the silver lining. :) Keep on truckin'!

Becky said...

very well said :)

Kim @ said...

When it get's this hard I like this saying I once heard from George Carlin, "Never sweat the petty stuff and never pet the sweaty stuff..."

Not that any of it is petty just that I don't' want you to pet sweaty stuff on top of what you're already going through.

Love and wishes to you.