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Monday, July 20, 2009

And now for a little Monday random

DUDE! This weekend was insane. Pure insanity. I am so dang tired. I am not sure I planned this out very well. Going non-stop the weekend before that thing we aren't supposed to talk about that happens in Chicago this week, was possibly not smart. Oh well, I've never done things the smart way, why in the world should I start now? Don't answer that.

Lets just go with a little bit of random today, how's that?

-Camping sucks. I don't like it. I did it on Friday night and we all nearly froze to death. I don't like the wild. No sir.

-Driving in the car for three hours each way, with four kids between the ages of 4 and 8 is not all that enjoyable. They try and out talk each other. They have no sense of inside voices. And they have to pee often. In fact my BFF's son is now known as, Pees-a-Lot.

-Tubing rocks. Seriously. There were about 18 of us and we went tubing down the Yampa on Saturday. I'm sore, bruised and sunburned, but I had a blast. The kids loved it. The adults loved it. It's definitely on the list for next year. We loved it so much that we went twice in one day. We didn't end up getting off the river until nearly 6pm.

-We bought tubes, which was dumb, but it was way cheaper. However we had to drive most people to where we were getting into the river and then go back and pick up the tubes. Most of them didn't fit, so we were the crazy people, driving through the town of Steamboat Springs, holding tubes out the window as we drove. Yes, even the drivers. Funny enough we got stopped by a cop on a bicycle but he didn't seem too phased. Just wanted to know how far we were going with them.

-McDonald's people in Steamboat Springs are INSANE. They won't give you your cups until they give you your food. Really? You want all 18 of us standing here in the way? Oh I guess so. Okay fine. Also, they only give you one sauce for chicken nuggets, even if you have a ten piece. My husband being ornery, said well I need more, how much are they? The woman told him 25 cents and he said, okay then, I'll take three dollars worth. She says, um sir, that is an excessive amount of sauce, why do you need that many. He says, that is my own business. Then he makes her count out all of them and he makes a big show of re-counting them. He uses two of them and then hands them out to random strangers in her line before we left. Fun times my friends, fun times.

-Five dollar foot longs at Subway, doesn't exist in a small mountain towns.

-My baby girl is five and it's sad. However, five so far isn't any different than four. Which is surprisingly nice. She had an amazing birthday.

-I dropped my Crackberry at McDonald's on Saturday. It bounced, the ball thingy popped out and then it fell into a spilled coke of the ground. Yeah, the thing is dead. Very, very dead. Just what I wanted to do the week of that one thing in Chicago; replace a year old phone. I went back and forth of the Crackberry/iPhone debate and in the end decided that I'd get a new Crackberry Curve. Mostly because I super heart BB messenger. However in all the dying of the phone and such, I realized I lost most of my numbers, because who in the world bothers to save them on the SIM card? Okay maybe a lot of people do, but not me. Lesson learned. If I had your phone number/BB PIN number, I don't now. Please email it to me. Purty please?

-I just read this over at The Spohrs are Multplying and I am thrilled for Heather and Mike. Also sad for them, because I know this is possibly too soon and more that likely very bitter sweet. But still YAY!!!! I adore you both and I'll be thinking good thoughts your way for baby Binky.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! I totally would have done the same thing as your hubs BTW. Too funny. Well I *guess* I understand about the BB. One day the world wil be run by iPhones though. Bwahahaha. Just kidding!

Becky said...

i hate camping. never done it. never will. totally not me.

and i read that too on heather's blog and i'm excited for them too. i know it'll be hard for them but then again it IS exciting.

Amazing Greis said...

Camping in TX during the summer is a definite NO GO, the heat would KILL me! Just sayin'...

I hate fast food restaurants that charge you for the extra sauce, because seriously, I LOVE sauce and one is NEVER enough. If you don't want me to need extra how about making bigger sauce servings?

Should have gone for the iPhone because it's teh AWESOME, for realz! Granted, I've never had a BB, but I loves my iPhone, my most favorite phone ever. I will never go back to a regular phone.

3 days til that thing we shall not mention here. See you there!

Anonymous said...

You've reminded me that I really want to send out my cell number before that thing which we shall not name in Chicago. Off to do that now!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you'd better not give up BB messenger, missy.

Maura said...

I'm hoping you got some of the chaotic ya-yas out of your system LAST weekend! :-P