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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Not complaining

Last night I wrote a post where I basically complained about everything. It felt kind of nice to write it down. Get it out, if that makes any sense. Although this morning, I'm glad I didn't post it. Not because you guys can't handle it, not because I didn't need to complain about petty nonsense last night, but mostly because this blog has become so depressing that I'm just thinking that it would have made it worse.

I'm trying. Trying to get it together. Trying to not be so pessimistic all the time. Trying to not be depressed. Trying to not be this complainy (yes, is word), whiney, pain in the ass that I have become lately.

It's not really working for me so well. But at least I'm working on it.

Instead of whining about things that really don't matter outside of my head, I thought I'd give positivity a try. See how it works for me today. No guarantees on tomorrow, but it's worth a shot today.

I love the 4th of July weekend. My husband won't be working for three whole days. (Truly, I am forgetting what the man looks like, he works so much these days.) We have BBQ's to go too, swimming to do and tons of great food to eat. I adore fireworks, now that Bailey has stopped being terrified of them.

I found the business cards I am going to get for BlogHer. They are cute and I loves them.

My excitement of BlogHer is starting to out way my fear of it.

Harrison is cute and fun and the best baby I could ever hope to have. Nine months, really is a fun, if not a bit exhausting age. Although his idea of morning being 5am, needs a bit of work.

Bailey is almost five and while it makes me sad, I see the big girl she is becoming and it's awesome. She's awesome. The funniest, most honest baby girl I could ever hope to have.

Morgan has decided that she likes clean clothes enough to help me with laundry. Have I told you she's my favorite today? She is. At least in this moment, when she's being so dam helpful. Seven is an awesome age.

I love the Internet. Well I love you guys. Yes there are haters, trolls and asshats. But real life has them too. But you guys keep me entertained on a daily basis and I adore each of you for it.

Oh one more thing, my friend, the lovely Anymommy, had a beautiful baby boy on Sunday. Nathaniel. He's big and squishy and absolutely adorable. He has red hair!!! Squee. Please go and congratulate her.

So, how'd I do? LOL. Don't need to answer that. Is okay.


Just Like Birdie said...

A+ for positive. Hell, I feel better just reading it! Yay you!

Anonymous said...

You did wonderfully, though you needn't put a happy face on just for us. You have to do that enough with the people you see in real life! I think that's how so much of the "crap" gets on our blogs... it's the place that we feel like we can truly vent and get it out.

Meanwhile, the fourth would be lovely here IF IT WOULD STOP FUCKING RAINING. I hate the rain, especially when it's been raining for MONTHS. LITERALLY.

Oh, crap, now I've muddied up your A+ Positive post with my complaining. lol.


Avasmommy said...


Don't forget that this is YOUR blog. You put whatever the hell you feel like writing on here.

I'll keep reading, no matter what!


Becky said...

i think it's great. i hope yall have a great weekend and i can't wait to see pics of blogher after you go!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I feel sad when I notice how much my children are changing... I love every phase but I always mourn the ones that have passed (just a little bit).

Amazing Greis said...

You did great, but remember, it's your BLOG, do/say whatever the hell you want!!! LOL And if anyone is mean or complains, @avasmommy will totally get on their ass and call them "cock juggling thundercunts" or some other really awesome creative name!!!

So excited about Blogher too! Can not wait to get to Chicago and to meet you, of course!

Kara said...

Funny, I was just wondering today about business cards for BlogHer...dumb question, but do people put their photo on them or just name/blog/contact info?

Kay said...

Uhm, actually... I think you did a damn good job of being positive. I've been avoiding posting for the same reason - I'm tired of the negativity, so I'm sure the few who read me feel the same :)
Maybe I'll copy from you and do a purely positive post. But not tonight. Just NOT feelin it!!!

Carmen said...

Issa, make sure you find me at Blogher, ok?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

You did a great job and made me remember some things to be happy for as well.

And, 3 weeks! Cannot wait for BlogHer although I too am nervous.

PetalsYoga said...

I think you really rocked the positive! If I find myself going down the hill of despair, I do the same thing you did. Count my blessings, be grateful, and eat some chocolate. Oh, you didn't mention that but I find it works pretty well too!



Maura said...

Gold star for the positive, baby! :-)

My Bottle's Up! said...

oh... so jealous that you are able to attend BlogHer. @PrincessJenn and I will be hosting and watching y'all enjoy yourselves via twitter the entire time.

you deserve a break. this will be a good one for you.

keep writing... i need your writing.