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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Hai Internet. I loves you, I misses you. I'm having an absolute blast, but I'm having serious getting on the Internet issues. Like, it's either slower that watching paint dry, or it just won't even connect at all. On the laptop as well as my phone.

Anyway, I have a million things to say, stories to share....all that Jazz. However I wanted to share something with you all.

This HERE is my keynote presentation from Friday afternoon at BlogHer. It's not the one that BlogHer will show/put up at some point, but it is my post. Me, in the flesh, so to speak. The awesome Greis from Amazing Greis posted it on You Tube. Either because she hates me....or cause she loves me. Not sure which. Kidding. She is teh awesome.

That's all the battery power I've got (brain power too) in the moment.

Just wanted you all who know me and wanted to see it, to be able too. Talk to you all later.

Oy before I more thing. The people who I was on the keynote with were the most AMAZING people in the world. When you get the chance, please watch all of their speeches. They were brilliant and I"m thrilled to have been included on that keynote.

Also mad props and love to Stacey from Anymommy for sending in my post. I can not even begin to thank her enough.


Liz said...

Can't wait to sit down and watch! You are awesome!!

Chibi said...

Amazing. The original post was sobering and thought-provoking: watching and hearing you is beyond touching. You did a great job. I'm proud of you. *hugs*

Midwest Mommy said...

I was there, I sat right next to your roommates. You were awesome and the post was beautiful. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, YOU are teh awesome.

Anonymous said...

You were effing awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved that post when you wrote it...I love it even more, now. I so wish I could have been there to hear it in person, but this was good, too.

You rock. Seriously.

And I love your voice. You sound so friendly and open.

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

I loved meeting you this weekend. You did beautifully and I can't wait to delve through your blog and properly stalk you.


Kari said...

Your keynote was so freaking awesome!

YOU are so freaking awesome!!!

Sooooo happy I met you in person at BlogHer.


Becky said...

i watched. i loved it. you rock!

Amazing Greis said...

I'm really BEHIND on my blog reading, just you know, cause I was in Chicago and the internet there SUCKED.

I totally posted the keynote because I LOVES you and because I was threatened by InstaMom. Just sayin'...

You did a fantastic job. So glad to finally have met you. You ROCK and I had a blast in Chicago.


laura said...

I wish I had met you but our paths didn't cross after your keynote. Your reading brought me to tears. I've had similar experiences and feelings and even some similar posts about the MH system and how it effects my family.

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog and hopefully meeting you at the next BlogHer!