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Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or treat, you decide...

For the first time since the girls were old enough to go trick or treating, it was a really pleasant experience tonight. They have finally gotten to the ages where it's not just a big ole pain to get them ready to go out. They ate real food, with no arguments. One time of Logan telling them no candy until we got home and they stopped asking. I didn't have to remind them to thank people; neither of them had any problem waiting for each other and best of all, both of them are too old to be carried. Sure, my little witch (don't was her costume last year) on a unicorn, ditched her trusty unicorn, halfway though our route. But she's four and four year olds get really tiredy when carrying around all that dang candy. Plus we had the stroller with us and I was carrying the baby, so we had room for extra stuff. And unicorns...not really a light costume idea.

It was pleasantly warm. Our neighborhood is full of kids and tons of families had decorated their houses. Heck, there was even a family having a party, who gave all the kids a Sunny D and offered all the adults a beer. When we came home, the girls and our friends kids spent a bit of time exchanging candy, then we turned on The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and they all fell asleep.

All in all, a great Halloween.

Earlier today, I saw a photo contest going on, over at Parent Bloggers. I don't generally join in on their things, but come on, it's a photo contest, where the prizes are Blurb books, which is something I've always wanted to do. So, anyway, here are my entries:

The first one, I'm putting in the best photo contest, because honestly this might be one of my very favorite pictures of Bailey. Like Ever. She's hard to photograph, she acts like we're stealing her soul or something...and this picture, shows my true baby girl.

The second is for cutest costume, age 3 and up. Calling Dr. Morgan. Can't you just see her as a future surgeon?

The last one is for cutest costume, age two and under. Wanna treat? He's kinda sweet. We answered the door a few times with him in the bowl. One lady was like, oh I'd take him. Sorry lady, take your Snickers, this baby is all mine!

How was your Halloween?


Maura said...

Pass the candy bowl, okay? :-) Great costumes, sweet pics.

Childsplayx2 said...

Oh, that baby in the candy bowl is yummy enough to eat! So cute!

Anonymous said...

awww, you put him in the bowl!

Your girls are SO PRETTY!

Mrs. Really Long Name said...

Holy Crap - the cuteness is killin' me!

Jaden Paige said...

They are all soooo freakin adorable! I can't handle it!

The treat idea is probably the best costume I saw on a baby this year! Yay for your originality!