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Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Facts, take three

You all love bullet point posts right? Oh you know you do.

  • Last night, sleeping was just not going to happen in my house. I had a few nightmares about crazy serial killers. I really shouldn't watch CSI before I go to bed. Did you see that? Freak man got in my head. It was not a good thing. Morgan I think has an ear infection, possibly a sinus infection. She woke up three times to tell me that her ear still hurt. I get it, I do, but there is nothing I didn't understand about it the first time she woke me up. (As an aside here, when kids just stand there all crazy and don't speak at 1am, don't they freak you out too?) Bailey has night terrors. We dealt with this before with Morgan, but she was about two when it was happening. Bailey's come and go, but still a thrashing screaming four year old is never a fun thing. At 2am, it's even worse. Harrison is teething. Oh the joys. Some nights he sleeps like a tiny angel, others he's up every hour or so. Lets just say, no one slept well in our house last night.
  • It has been brought to my attention that we are supposed to have a real blizzard this weekend. We're supposed to get like ten feet OK five feet alright at least a foot of snow on Saturday night. We're heading up into the mountains this weekend to take advantage of the fresh snow. I say this, knowing that I truly don't care about the snow. My husband and kids do though. I'm taking Morgan to the doctor today, because if she's got an ear infection, I want to be prepared with drops and antibiotics just in case. Because she'll lie and say she's fine, just to get to snowboard and then we'll have to deal with some strange illness that it will become. Like Bubonic Plague. Gotta love kids. Anyway, I'll be hanging out, reading books, drinking hot chocolate and chillin with my baby in front of the fire all weekend. You know, it's actually not sounding so bad after all.
  • Yesterday, I was accepted by BlogHer ads. So in a few days, I'll have some ads on my side bar. I am very excited about it. Makes me feel like a real grown up blogger.
  • I love Google searches. I love seeing how people find my site. I get some real weird ones sometimes. Here's a few for your enjoyment:
    • Random Wedding Facts (Weddings are expensive and crazy. Please elope. especially if you want me to be a bridesmaid. That's my fact for you.)
    • Issa is crazy, right? (Um yeah, duh. Glad you finally caught on. Title isn't Issa's Sane World, is it now?)
    • Ate a Volkswagen. (There is so many things wrong with this. Really though I just want to know if someone caught it on tape. I kinda want proof.)
    • Just don't understand women. (Dude, get in line. I say just get over it. I'm a women and I barely understand women.)
Ok friends, I hope you all have a great weekend.


Jaden Paige said...

lol @ the woman comment!

Have a great weekend- sounds like a blast! I'm sure you'll love snuggling your little man in front of the fire.. and the girls will be happy they got to snowboard and sled :)

iMommy said...

dude, google is crazy, oh, and your mountain retreat sounds delightful.

heartatpreschool said...

I have nightmares after watching CSI too. It was at it's peak when I was pregnant, for some reason. I couldn't watch at all then! Weird.

Love the google searches - too funny!

Have a great weekend!

p.s. I'm Kari, hi back!

Anonymous said...

We're not in for any snow this weekend, but your blizzard-producing storm is supposed to cover us in ice on Monday night. fun.

jkear said...

You might try an EarCheck ( to assist in diagnosing and monitoring an ear infection. It is a great little tool, I used it last night and it works. It confirmed that she had an infection so I gave her some Tylenol so she could sleep. I went to the doc this morning and he confirmed it. No more unnecessary trips and co-pays. It is great peace of mind!

Becky said...

i hope you had a great weekend!!!! and ew to blizzards!