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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Things I don't understand

Why someone will have their hand down their pocket, scratching, in public. Like in an elevator. Then they stop for a second, only to start up scratching again. Dude, that is what bathrooms were invented for.

People who look around, before picking their nose in traffic. If it is daytime and you are picking your nose in your car...someone is watching.

Men who make comments about why breastfeeding is so simple and they don't understand a woman who wouldn't do it. Ok, then, you try it. Asshat.

Why anyone would look at a newborn and say, oh what a pretty girl? When the BOY in question was wearing a dark blue onesie that says baby brother on it. If you don't know, don't just assume. I'd way rather someone say, oh what a cute baby, then try to guess.

Why a group will come out with new songs; put them on a "greatest hits" CD and then not let you just purchase those three freaking songs. No, you must purchase the CD full of songs that you already own for three little songs. Egotistical much?

Why I bother to pay for professional photos of my children, when they come out looking all weird. Why it is that my sweet little daughter thinks a camera is going to steal her soul. Why my son can be happy all day, but put him in front of a camera and he gets all grouchy and starts crying, like I told him he was being returned to sender. Why my oldest suddenly believes she is on the cover of some fashion magazine? Is one good photo at Christmas too much too ask? My house is filled with photos of the kids. Almost none of the ones that are up, were professionally taken.

Any of you have something you just don't understand? I'm full of them these days.


Anonymous said...

We get the little girl thing all the time. Doesn't matter if they're wearing trains, trucks, or a giant sign that says "I have a pen*s!" I think it's all the hair my children are born with. But seriously, if they were girls, don't you think I'd put bows in all that hair. Ergh!

Jaden Paige said...

OMG the baby thing used to drive me BONKERS! Like, okay, I understand she doesn't have much hair, BUT... She is wearing a purple jacket, I am carrying a pink diaper bag, and all of her clothes are either pink or purple or have girly bows/ flowers/ lace on them! Asshats ;)

LMAO to the pick your nose thing. Hey, I'm not ashamed- if I have to pick, I have to pick! Judge if you must, but I'm not gonna bother looking around to see who cares that I'm doing it. Cuz I'm doing it either way. lol.

Maura said...

There's LOTS of things I don't understand. It's a weird world we live in, to be sure.

John Ross said...

That,s a good "things I..." list.

i don't understand drivers who don't get the concept of "the zipper" in traffic merging" YOu know - One from the main street or flow, one from the merging street or flow, repeat.

Or people who don't do the "thanks for letting me merge in" wave in traffic. If you let me in-I wave thanks, I let you in - show some curtesy/appreciation...etc.

Thus endeth the rant of the morning.

iMommy said...

I don't understand this crap weather!

Anonymous said...

I read a survey thing once that said that the number one thing people did when they were alone in their cars was masturbate. Seriously! I mean, really. Really?

I cut Nicky's curls when people began mistaking him for a girl even though he was in camo. I still regret it :-(