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Monday, December 29, 2008

Oh hai this thing on??

I can't believe the week of Christmas is over. I feel like I've been in some sort of a bubble for the last week. Time slowed down or something. Not in a bad way, like the end weeks of pregnancy or the wait for bad news; it just slowed down. I think is what happens when you spend a week mostly in your house. We had like nine zillion a million hundreds twelve people over for a few days. But trust me, there were moments when it seemed like more. For instance when one wanted a hot shower, or a moment of quiet. I considered taking my laptop into my closet for awhile, but I didn't. One thing I've learned this year is that hiding out isn't worth it. It's nice in the moment, but it causes issues and I'm done with causing issues for no good reason.

So basically I've ignored the world for the last week. I have...well a lot of posts in my reader, a bunch of emails to respond too and I haven't even looked at Twitter in days.

In short, because I'm too tired to write much today, here are the highlights of my past week:

-I played my best Wii golf game ever. I golfed a +1 yesterday, which is great since my best score previously was a +12. I have no idea if it's good or not, but it seemed like an improvement. The Wii by the way, greatest invention in the past five years, hands down.

-I woke up on Friday to my brother sleeping on the kitchen floor with the dog. He had his clothes and shoes on and was using his coat as a blanket. I guess after he'd come home from a friends house, couldn't remember where he was sleeping and there seemed to be people on every surface, so he forced the dog to sleep with him, for warmth. Yes, I do have it on camera.

-On Christmas the dog jumped at the table. There was a roast, some ham, a bunch of other things. She went for the stick of butter. My dog is a butter eater. I guess that is what smelled the best too her.

-Logan got his snowboard, I got a new wallet I wanted, Harrison got a wooden rocking horse and the girls got roller blades and guitars for Christmas. But I also got tickets to BlogHer09 which makes me so happy. Anyone want to share a room?

What was your highlight?


iMommy said...

Oooh, Hubby promised I could go this year, I'll share with you in a heartbeat!

Glad to see you're back :) You should be getting a package from me soon!

Lesley said...

Sadly, I think my highlight is that the season is almost over. Isn't that nice?? It's just been a little much for me this year.

So, ya gonna post the brother/dog photo for all of us to enjoy?? ;-)

Maura said...

The bit about your brother forcing the dog to share the floor with him to sleep cracked me up! :-)

Glad to hear you got the tickets you wanted. I haven't decided for sure if I'm going.

The highlight of the holidays for me was seeing my mom's reaction to the gift we got her -- she was completely surprised.

Shonda Little said...

The Wii took over our lives last year. Perhaps I should start that back up to help with the weight loss resolution.

Becky said...

oh cool you're gonna go to blogher! that'll be fun!

debra said...

LOL - The part about your brother sleeping on the kitchen floor is too funny. I can't think of a harder, colder spot in my house...unless it would be the ceramic tile floor in the foyer.

Yea that you're going to BlogHer! I would love to go one of these years.

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooooo jealous that you're going to BlogHer. I still wish we could hop in my minivan and road trip to Chicago. *sigh* Maybe next year.

anymommy said...

Aha, your brother! Yay, to blogher!!

debra said...

Just stopping by to wish you all the best in 2009! xoxo