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Thursday, January 29, 2009


There seems to be a little meme going around. The addiction meme. Stacey did it and Maura did it. I haven't really been tagged for it, but I thought I'd do it too, since I'm a joiner. The addiction meme can be a little scary. I'm not sure I can limit my list and I'm realizing I have a lot of addictions. Lucky for me, none of them are illegal.

1. Starbucks. This one is kinda obvious, since I talk about coffee all the time. One venti, non-fat Mocha with whipped cream is my drug of choice. This is my true love. I can't seem to go without it. Even when pregnant, I wasn't able to give it up. I tried decaf, but I just couldn't do it. So I went with a regular one, just a small. I don't drink caffeine throughout my day, not generally at least, but I need one of these every morning.

2. Chapstick. My new obsession is from Origins. I love the Burt Bees shimmery ones as well and the regular ChapStick brand ones. The thing is, I have dozens of the darn things. I have three sitting in my car cup holder. I have at least six in a drawer in my kitchen. Lets see, I have four in my purse at the moment. I don't go anywhere without chapstick.

3. My kids cheeks. I love to kiss them. I pretend to eat them. I say dozens of times a week, come her and let mama eat your cheeks. They all let me. It will be a sad, sad day in Issas Crazy World, when I am no longer allowed to eat little chunky cheeks.

4. Music. I am addicted to music. You will never find my house quiet. Logan and I turn music on the second we wake up and we fall asleep to it. I have some form of music on all day, whether I'm at home or in the car. Our computer probably died because of the amount of music we had sitting on there. As my dad says, you don't need three weeks worth of music on one computer. My kids have CD players in their rooms and both of the girls have their own iPod Shuffles for when we go on trips or they need some down time. Without music, I feel naked. I can't explain it, that's just how I feel.

5. Blogging. I am very addicted to blogging. Somehow, I think I'm not alone in this one.

That's all you are getting today. Anyone care to join in?


anymommy said...

It's clear to me that BlogHer is going to involve a lot of Starbucks runs!

iMommy said...

Starbucks and seriously moisturized lips. And lots of pictures of eatable cheeks!