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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Lost Inauguration Commentary

Last night while watching the Inauguration and eating pizza and those tasty chocolate dunker things.

Morgan: There are more people there on the streets than at Disneyland on a Saturday.


Bailey: Mommy you can't be president.

Me: Why not?

Bailey: Only little girls can live at the Big White House (The Big White House is what she always calls it) , they don't let little boys live there, cause they are too dirty and stinky. No Harrison's allowed.


Logan: Michelle Obama is taller than Bush. There is a joke here, I'm sure of it.

Me: Yeah, but it's not short people friendly.

Morgan: Mommy, I'm the tallest in my class you know.

Me: Ok, fine then. It's not child friendly.

Morgan: What's that mean anyway?

Logan: It means I was going to tell a rude joke, but your mama is mean and won't let me.


Bailey: Urethra Franklin has a crazy hat. Do you think she bought it at the Halloween store?


Me: Oooohhhh I adore Itzhak Perlman. In my next life, I want to play as well as he does.


Morgan: Why'd he stop saying the words?

Logan: Because the guy messed up and Obama knew it was wrong.

Morgan: He's a smart guy. He should have just said the right words.

Logan: That would have been rude though.

Bailey: And you are not aposed to be rude on TV.


Logan: Iss, you really need to stop crying; you're worrying the baby. Look he's getting those little old man wrinkles on his forehead.

Me: He's POOPING. Here, you take him.


Seriously, only five minutes later.

Me: Um babe, who's crying now?

Logan: I have an allergy. Yeah, an allergy to poop.


At around 9pm, after she'd been asleep sitting up on the couch for half an hour.

Bailey: Is My Barack Odbana President now?

Logan: Honey, he has been President all day, remember? We clapped and jumped around for him? Your Mama cried.

Bailey: Okay, then I need to go to bed now.


Bailey: Daddy, my legs don't work. You're gonna have to carry me to bed.


Me: Mariah really needs to find a new career.

Logan: Didn't you have her CD once.

Me: Yeah, when I was ten. You couldn't pay me to buy one now. Funny, but I think this song is from that same CD. Of course back then, she could hit half the notes.


Logan: Babe, come here for a second.

Me: Give me a minute...

Logan: No, you've got to see this. Beyonce is wearing a whole dress. Girl looks good.

Me: I'll give her this much, she can sing. That is a nice dress though. Someone besides her mom must have dressed her today.


Logan: Dam, Michelle looks hot. Oh shit, that was a good thing for him to say first. Yes, Mr. President, your wife does look dam fine.

Me: Ok, that's enough for tonight. No more fine babes for you.


This morning:

Morgan: Mama, it was real, right?

Me: What was real?

Morgan: Barack Obama is our new president, right? It was real, not just a dream?

Me: Nah, it wasn't a dream, it was real. I promise.

Morgan: That's good. I'm proud of him.

Mme: Me too. Me too.


Maura said...

Your kids are too funny! I don't blame Morgan for wondering if it was a dream; yesterday is a day we won't soon see again.

Jaden Paige said...

awwwww I love it! You guys had some funny commentary going there...

"They don't let little boys live there, cause they are too dirty and stinky." And URETHRA Franklin?!?! LMAO! Okay your kids are just wayyy too funny :)

Lesley said...

Honestly?? Who needs Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer?? Who needs CNN at all frankly?? We've got Issa's family!!

Kim @ said...

Logan's commentary? Actually my favorite of all of them. LMAO!

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering yesterday when we'd get a president with young sons.

And Noah came home yesterday and told me "That nice man is president now, Mommy."

Yes, sweetie, yes he is.

iMommy said...

Your kids are adorable :)

My husband claims to have a poop allergy, too.... hmm...

Anonymous said...

that's fantastic

katy (aka funny girl) said...

Urethra Franklin...LOL!!

Sonya said...

Great commentary, but the part that choked me up: "Mama, it was real, right?"

I find myself thinking those words a lot this week (well, not the Mama part :)