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Monday, July 28, 2008

Baby countdown: Seven Weeks

Seven more weeks. This pregnancy has been fairly normal, except for my emotional well being. However that's got little to do with the pregnancy and everything to do with well...everything else. Yesterday, as you can tell by the picture overload below, I purchased items for my son, for the very first time. Yes, I am behind, I have been told this by many, many people. My mom was overjoyed when I told her what I was doing yesterday. She's coming for ten days on Saturday and she was prepared to do it for me. To say, I've been worrying my family, is an understatement, but that's the best I can come up with.

I am doing better though. I'm starting to feel better about this baby in general. I feel like I'm close enough to admit that he's going to be fine. Seven weeks isn't really that far off, but it's feeling like a lifetime. I want to meet him, to cuddle him, to see which of us he looks like. To call him something besides, the boy. At some point yesterday, I realized how much I still have left to do and it made me a bit panicked for a bit. Morgan was a month early, so I have to get my butt in gear. Just in case he decides to make his grand appearance early.

The heartburn is killer right now. Boy better have a fro, is what I keep saying. No matter what I eat and sometimes even when I don't, I have heartburn. Funny enough, orange juice, which is supposed to be horrible on heartburn, doesn't bother me at all. It's how I wake him up in the morning, nothing like a little jolt of citrus to make a kid move. I'm fully over the morning sickness, which was horrible and lasted all day, every day for the first six months. Morning sickness, my ass. Can we just rename it? Some crazy, sunshine shoots out of my ass type of person coined that phrase and it needs to change. But the heartburn and the not getting comfortable to sleep much are my worst symptoms right now. The non-sleeping sucks donkey ass, because I know that sleeping right now, would make the not sleeping after a bit more tolerable. In my head at least, because I know I'll complain about it when it happens. I've never been a great sleeper though, so thinking I'd sleep well now anyway, isn't really realistic.

Laughing at the baby center weekly BS which said that at 33 weeks, I should be feeling rather sexy and that sex was fine and lovely at this point. Was this written by a man? I'm not speaking for everyone, but for me....yeah, there's nothing going on in our bedroom right now. Cept for me getting up to pee nine million times. When Logan did say something a few days ago, I reminded him that it's his fault I'm this way and the last time I looked, he still had hands. Which um....wasn't very nice, but I'm not very nice right now. That and the, you should wash everything at this point. Yeah not so much on that one either, since they said for sure that Bailey was a boy. I won't fully believe this baby is a boy until I see his parts. I don't know why I continue to read these updates.

No matter what, whether I don't sleep for the next seven weeks, whether I'm "ready" or not, he's coming soon. Seven weeks to go baby, we're on the home stretch. Now if you could just tell me your dam name.


Anonymous said...

How about Tate? That's Nicky's middle name...I LOVE it for a first name but Andy wasn't so crazy about it, so we compromised with it as his middle name.

debra said...

Seven weeks! It will be here before we know it...well, those of us not having to contend with the pregnant belly anyway! It may seem longer to you. :)

Well, you have Maya and Nata, right? How about a name that starts with L or O to keep them all in line? Luke or Oliver? Landon or...I'm out. :)

Mrs. Chicken said...

The name will come.

As for sexy ... BWAHAHAHAHAH! I feel like a whale that has a harpoon lodged in its ribs.

So glad to hear you are feeling better.

Becky said...

lol i so love reading this esp since i'm pregnant too!