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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why is it...

That after two and a half hours at Chuck E Cheese, I wish I'd never had children? I swear I'll take that back after they both nap. Well maybe. But seriously, when we left with the two screaming brats and they stopped me at the door to make sure I wasn't trying to kidnap the little screamers, I wanted to say, oh shit man, these ones aren't mine. I must have gotten them mixed up; please, please keep them. That nice sweet little thing over there, the one I just gave all of my kids prize tickets to, that one's mine. Really mister, she is.

Instead I took them home, put them to bed and am eating a second piece of cake. But dam that Chuck E, dam him to hell and that stupid ticket nightmare crap of a place.

$45 dollar cake from Cold Stone: Priceless


Anonymous said...

OMG I hate Chuck E. cheese. I agree with you, Dayum that stupid mouse. I have avoided going there for quite some time btu for some reason, my husband doesn't seem to mind going.
A cake from coldstone . . . I hate you! : )

flybunny said...

Can I have a piece???? I need ice cream...

How did Nata like the bike?

Becky said...

oh man don't tempt me with the cold stone....whore.