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Friday, July 18, 2008

Mommy I need you

These were the words that I heard at 4pm today. My kid, sobbing into the phone, needing me. Talk about hard, hell this was harder than giving birth to her. Gah, it made me so freaking upset. See, she's in Texas with my parents, who are taking care of my grandparents. Not so easy to go and get her "right now" like she wanted. Because there is no right now when a kid is 650 miles away. Nothing had really happened to make her so upset. I mean she has been there with them, swimming every day, doing time tests (don't ask) and being completely doted on, for three and a half weeks. She's called me every night and told me about her adventures that day. She's been homesick a few times, but not too bad. Heck, her favorite people in this world are my mom and step-dad. She wanted to come home tonight though, not next week, not in three days, NOW. Every part of my being wanted to teleport to get her. Unfortunately, I don't have one of those dam teleportation things. They were fresh out of them at Costco last week.

We thought maybe she'd calm down if we gave her some time. I mean shit, any weekend but this one. Bailey's birthday was (is) today, her party is at 2pm tomorrow and Sunday we're going to a freaking wedding. But she didn't calm down. My mom called a bit later and said, she needs to go home so we need to figure out how to do that, she needs you. I completely fell apart, I just can't handle anything these days and that sent me over the edge.

When I calmed down, Logan said, well I'll just leave and go get her. Two of the greatest men who've ever walked on this planet are in my family. I'm that lucky to have them both. Logan left at around six to drive to get Morgan. My step-dad got in the car at the same time, my baby girl and all her crap packed in the car, and started driving to us. After Logan left, I called my mom and told her what he was doing and she told me what dad was doing. Needless to say, they were both happy to hear that they'd only need to drive halfway and back tonight.

Morgan is thrilled. Beyond thrilled. She cried when she left my mom and told her how much she'd miss her and she can't wait to see her in a few weeks, when they come out here. She just missed me more. It tore at my heart to hear that, as we'd been having some issues before she left. But honestly, next week seemed like a long time to me too. I'm glad she needed me enough to come home early. She missed me more.

Now, since Bailey's party is tomorrow and we got her a bike, someone had to put it together tonight, to surprise her in the morning. We should have done it for her this morning, but she was convinced her birthday was tomorrow, because that's when her party is, so we waited. You can't talk reason to a stubborn four year old. Especially not one who is related to me. Then of course my husband rushed off to play prince charming to our kid. Someday, she'll love a boy and he'll become her world, but for now, it's still her daddy. He's still her knight in shining armor.

So picture if you will, me putting together this bike. It was a funny site I'm sure. All big and pregnant, swearing underneath my breath, wondering why we didn't buy her a bunch of books or some fluffy socks. But I did it, I assembled my very first bike, all by my own self. Shit man, wasn't that why I got married, to not have to do these things? I'm sure it was in the vows: love, honor, cherish, assemble, followed by picking up dog poop and evicting raccoons from the living room. As an aside, remind me to tell you that story one day, it's a hoot.

Anyway, my first baby is sleeping in her gran-dad's car content in knowing that she is coming home tonight. My second baby is upstairs, not knowing that I just celebrated her actual forth birthday (she was born at 11:37pm) by putting together her present. And the third, well...he has just lodged his foot in my ribcage. But hey, a boys got to make his presence known, right? It's been a hell of a day in Issas Crazy World, so I'm off to bed.

What do you think, did I do good?
ps. Hey Steph (Pickle), I am so happy to hear from you, I tried your site and it said it was protected. But when you commented, it didn't send me your email. When you get the chance, I'd love to catch up, so email me, okay? Mine is issascrazy world at gmail dot com. :)

pps. I am so glad that you all remember me. I had this fear that everyone would be like, Issa who? God, I missed you guys.

ppps. My best friends and I used to sit in seventh grade English class and pass notes back and forth to each other. The deal was, whoever has written the most pppppps's when the bell rung, won. Not sure what we won, possibly D's in English class, but it was freaking funny. When we moved, I found some of them. I put them in a scrapbook, because they were so dang cool.


flybunny said...

Your husband is awesome - what a great daddy!

My oldest is across the state with her aunt and uncle and I got 4 tearful phone calls last night. Thing is she asked to go so she could have a break from her sister and then asked me to come and get her and I refused because I am mean. She was OK today and haven't heard from her yet so I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Becky said...

yeah right like we could ever forget you!

Piece of Work said...

I've missed you Issa!