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Sunday, July 27, 2008

My kids college fund....

Just thought I'd share where my kids college fund went today. Who needs school when there are teeny boy clothes to buy? When I walked in the house and Logan saw everything, he turned to Morgan and said, "you better learn to say, would you like fries like that." Jerk.

In my own behalf, I will say, it's not over the top, considering how bad it would have been if it was a girl, nor if you look in the girls closets. Girl clothes outnumber boys clothes in stores like 100 to one. (I kept having to walk to the very back of the store to find baby boy clothes.) We are not a minimal clothes type of family. All of these clothes and shoes (I did get blankies, socks and bibs too, but I ran out of room) were on sale. Well almost all of them. Plus, my kid would be dam cold running around nekkid, seeing how it will be getting cold by the time he's born.

So....I'm thinking the girls will still be able to go to college. But the boy, well he's on his own. ;)
These three outfits made my teeth hurt, they were that cute.

See my son's pimp baby shoes? They are fives and they seem huge, so I have no idea when he'll wear them, but my husband shut his mouth when he saw them.

This one is proabley way more right than I know in the moment. In case you can't see it, it says, I'm the Boss around here!


Anonymous said...

How awesome! What a CUTE wardrobe!

And, I'll have you know that after reading your post earlier, I was just HAD to go shopping. So, the boys and I hit the mall and bought school clothes for them. Little kid Levi's are the cutest things ever. Your baby needs a pair of Levi's, if you didn't get any...

Margaret said...

Wonderfully cute clothes!!