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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I just don't care

Ever have one of those days where you just don't care to listen to anyone? Or in general to do anything that involves other people at all? Oh it's nothing personal; not to my family or friends or anyone in general. I'm not mad at anyone, nor depressed, I just don't care today. Everyone around here seems to think it's a personal attack on them...but like I said, I don't care. It won't last, I just told my husband this and he understands, or at least he's pretending too. I'm just in a mood.

I don't care that my kids don't want to go to camp tomorrow.
I don't care that my daughter thinks she should be ungrounded now instead of Sunday.
I don't care that my plants are dying.
I don't care that my husband thinks the dog needs to be groomed.
I don't care that my cousin can't seem to find a cheap flower person ten days before her wedding.
I don't care that she left everything until now and now she's freaking out.
I don't care that my house looks like a cyclops hit it; which one did, cyclops Bailey.
I don't honestly care that the cap fell off my tooth today and the dentist can't get me until next week.
I don't care that I have no food in the house and that I'm going to have to order pizza to feed my family tonight.

I just want to sit and watch NCIS or Weeds from Netflix and shut out the world.

I know this sounds bad, trust me I do. I promise I'm not depressed. I'm just tired. This baby plus the heat and not sleeping makes me so freaking tired. So tired that it makes me well....not care about anything. He's sucking the life out of me today and I'm sorry, I'll come back and try again tomorrow. I debated writing this all day, but I need to write what I need to write, for me. That's why I started doing this again, to get it out and not stuff it all in. So...yeah.


Mrs. Chicken said...

Ack, me, too. I totally get this. I've completely given up on sleep. I feel like a piece of over-ripe fruit about to split up the middle every time I cough.

Piece of Work said...

I felt like that every day when I was pregnant last summer. Honestly, I felt so bad physically that I just didn't care about anything, especially that my marriage was imploding in front of my face. So I get it. And I'm glad it's nothing that serious for you.
Hope you feel better tomorrow!

Always Home and Uncool said...

Happens to all of us. I find comfort in a bottle. Any bottle. At that point, I'm not choosy.