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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shopping, my true love

I've always loved to shop. One of the stories my aunt loves to tell about me is the first time she took me shopping with her. I was about two years old and she took me to Nordstroms with her, as she needed to look for a dress to go to a wedding. At some point she lost me, she got busy looking at a dress and looked up and I was gone. She started screaming for me and found security and made them search for me and shut the doors, so no one could leave. After few minutes she found me. I was sitting in the kids shoe section, holding three different shoes, patiently waiting for someone to help me with them. She thought it was the funniest thing, that I knew exactly what I wanted and exactly where it was and I went right too it. Needless to say, she bought me a pair of shoes that day.

My love for shopping is genetic to a degree, but I've taken it to a whole new level. See, I love all kinds of shopping. I love to clothes and shoe shop for me. I love, love, love to baby clothes shop; my kids always have great clothes. But I also enjoy the grocery store and places like Lowes and Costco. I just adore shopping. Funny enough, I don't even mind not buying things. Window shopping does it for me a lot of the time. Because, while I love spending money, I don't have to spend money to enjoy shopping. I am pretty responsible with our finances and I understand the need for moderation. Just don't ask Logan about that.

I love to look at all the pretty things; to try on shoes and clothes; to pick out, in my head, new furnishings and dishes. I can spend hours in a mall and buy nothing more than a few socks for the kids and a pretzel and a Coke.

We don't go overboard on birthdays, one gift and one new outfit and then a party; that's all my kids need. Sometimes it's over what they need. I think next year, we'll scale down the parties. But Christmas, when I can shop for everyone, make me positively giddy. At Christmas, we do go overboard, it's just the time of year when we choose to do so.

Now, with seven weeks to go in this pregnancy, I'm starting to feel like I need to shop. Like I need to buy my boy some clothes and stuffs. We have a crib and a dresser and changing table and not much else. Mostly he has an empty room. So I get to shop. I get to walk around the mall today, with no husband or kids (Bailey loves to shop actually, but Morgan could care less, unless it's clothes for her) asking when we are leaving and shop to my hearts consent. I'm thrilled that today has finally come. I finally get to buy little teeny clothes. I haven't gotten to do that in years. My girls are petite (I still shop in the toddler section), but still, a size 3T is not a newborny size.

I'm armed and dangerous. One hormonal woman with comfy shoes, a baby to buy for and a credit card to burn. Yea me!

One thing's been years since I've had a baby around and going into Babies R' Us gives me convulsions, so what's the one thing you think I NEED to buy? Bouncy chairs, swings, cradle, Bumbo chair (can someone explain this thing to me?) those sling deals? Is a sling better than a carrier deal? See I have no clue. Wipe warmers, is this a need? Sad, but a lot has changed in the last four years since I last bought any of this stuff. What is the one thing, that you couldn't live without? What's the one thing you got and never used? Please help a girl out.


Anonymous said...

We never had a Bumbo chair...they weren't invented when my kids were babies. I guess they have their use, but it seems like a pretty limited use. I LOVED my little Fisher Price portable swing. I never actually used the "portable" function, but it was small and not intrusive and the batteries lasted FOREVER and it had just the right amount of swing. I didn't have a bouncy chair, either...the swing was the only place the boys ever sat unless they were with someone else.

Have fun shopping!

And no, I don't think a wipe warmer is a necessity ;-)

debra said...

I wish you lived could definitely do ALL my shopping for me! I don't love it!

Margaret said...

Thanks for stoping in my place the other day!!

Have you gotten the book "Baby Bargains"?? It tells you everything you "need", don't need, best buys, etc.

How have you not bought a lot of clothes? Seriously. I went and bought MORE for my baby boy yesterday. And ummm...I have 22'ish weeks left! :)

I have read a lot of stuff on wipe warmers - some dry out the wipes very quick. Some discolor the wipes. Some get too hot on the dresser.

Can't wait to keep reading!!

flybunny said...

Oh how I wish you lived closer and I would give you my bouncy seat, bumbo (although it is pink) and several other things that I have that I no longer use and will not use again.

My MIL was a shopper like you and she spent enough time with Audrey that she also loves to shop but the best was when she was about 3 she went through a rack found her size, looked at the price tag and said "well that's not bad lets buy it" - my MIL through and through