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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cupcakes anyone?

Yesterday when I went to pick up Bailey at pre-school I somehow found myself committed to making cupcakes for their Valentines Day party. Back in the day, I used to go and buy cupcakes for my kids school stuff. I even bought the good ones from Sprinkles Cupcakes. Have you ever had sprinkles cupcakes? They are too die for. If you ever have the chance, please try one. But back in those days I had a pay I miss the pay check days....anyhow, I'd go and buy the lovely expensive cupcakes, no problem. Everyone was happy and the world went along just fine. Time has changed though and today I make cupcakes. (Because honestly, there isn't a Sprinkles Cupcakes around here.) I made 62 cupcakes to be exact. No mix, by hand. With a recipe from Martha Stewart, the Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes recipe.

But I am no Martha Stewart. I can bake, in fact I am a better baker than a cook. But still, it's not something I do often. Unless the slice and bake cookies count, which I doubt they do. These cupcakes are not so easy either. They are very detailed. The frosting is the killer. It has real strawberries in it.

So the girls and I made cupcakes. Loads and loads of cupcakes. There was flour split, eggs dropped and milk somehow missed the bowl about four times. My girls, they love to cook. They get that from their grandmother, because it sure as hell isn't from me. But they got my absolute inability to use less than every dish in the house while cooking. Also the clean as you go gene, they are missing that one too. Then we made frosting, a gazillion tons of frosting. But the frosting doesn't really go on the cupcakes easily. Then the red hearts fell off. Then we re-put them on, basically squishing them into the frosting.

After we were done, my BFF Kate had the kids make Valentines at her house, which is great since I am not crafty. The ones in the box would have been more than fine, if I was doing them. In fact I send them to Kate's house often, specifically so they can do that crap at her house. (I'm not kidding. I've banned scissors from my house until Bailey stops cutting up full pieces of paper into shreds and leaving it all over the floor.) While they were gone I sampled a cupcake or two (have to make sure they are not poison) and cleaned frosting off of every surface in my entire freaking kitchen. Also, I'm pretty darn sure that Harrison is not allergic to milk or strawberries, because I'm sure he got a taste of frosting, since he was rolling around the kitchen floor. What can you do? He's a third kid. He's lucky we didn't hand him a BBQ rib the second he was born.

Later that night when Logan came home, he and Bailey had the funniest conversation. I am still laughing my ass off at it. The girls were sitting at the table doing "worksheets". I put that in parentheses because it's not real worksheets. Well it is, but not from the school. My kids go to a choice school. Basically they don't believe worksheets need to be sent home as homework, which I fully agree with. When Morgan gets homework, it's more hands on, more creative and not mind numbing. However, my kid is um special. I mean that in the best way, really I do. But people, she makes up her own worksheets. For her and for Bailey. Different ones each week. Bailey loves it most days. So anyway they were sitting at the able doing worksheets and I was doing yet another load of dishes when Logan walked in. She said all of this to him, without ever looking up from her sheet.

Logan: Babe, what's for dinner?

Bailey: Daddy, I think you should buy a new question.

Logan: (laughing) Oh yeah, what question should I have asked?

Bailey: You should say, honey, where am I taking you for dinner.

Logan: Thanks little girl. (Yes we call her little girl. Morgan will answer to big girl and the baby looks up if you say, the boy. They all have numerous nicknames.) Ok, honey, where am I taking you for dinner.

Me: Good question. I'm not sure, but somewhere with wine sounds like a plan.

Bailey: Daddy, that will be two dollars please.

Logan: What, why?

Bailey: Because you bought my question. Now pay up.

Logan: Please.

Bailey: And thank you.

Me: Babe, the girls an extortionist, but you'd better pay her. Because she's right, you needed to change that question.

Later my BFF Emmy called me and after I'd explained my entire day to her, she said, you know you can buy that mix from Williams-Sonoma right? And you can, you can buy the mix for Sprinkles Cupcakes at Williams-Sonoma. However, as I so nicely told her, that would have been helpful six hours earlier.

By the way, today is not Friday. I didn't know that until I was completely done. So I have 64, no 58, um 54 cupcakes sitting in my fridge. burp.


Jaden Paige said...

I love baking, so I can't say I feel your pain... Plus, they sound really yummy, so I'm sure you're getting at least a little bit of enjoyment out of them now, right?? I hope so :)

That conversation Bailey and Logan had is cracking me up!!! lol... kids! At least she tipped him off on how to make you happy *wink*!

Rachel said...

Wow! You're ambitious! The one time I made a birthday cake from scratch, my family said it didn't taste right. I don't know if it's because I screwed something up or just because they are used to the boxed mixes. Either way, I haven't done it since. I made two dozen cupcakes this week for 9 year old's birthday treat for her class! The trick was carrying them into the school with baby, toddlers, etc...

I'm sure the kids will love them. If there's any left by tomorrow! :)

Christy said...

Your little girl is really funny! And I love homemade cupcakes. We're having guests this weekend so I won't have time to bake my own, so I'm buying a chocolate cake from my local bakery - but I'm decorating it with an icing recipe I just discovered this week....can not wait for the little ones to go to bed on Saturday night and the adults will eat cake, drink champagne, and play board games!

debra said...

Mmmmm, cupcakes. *drools*

I love that your daughter already knows the man's place in the relationship. ;)

Kirsten said...

That's a hell of a lot of cupcakes. My kids love to bake with me. Mostly it involves me clenching my teeth and my kitchen turning into a major mess, but we have a good time.

Pass me a cupcake please.

anymommy said...

You are a cupcake Goddess. This would never happen in my house in a million years.

Also, you're little girl is a keeper.

PS - If there are any cupcakes left over...

Maura said...

I'd heard about the cupcake saga and have been giving you grief ever since! So while that was entertaining to hear again, it was Bailey's comments that cracked me up completely! She's a card. :-)

iMommy said...

Let's make it 53 and you can send one to me! lol.

Bailey is hilarious. And smart. Oh so smart! :)

I bow to your superior bake-ability!

EatPlayLove said...

I highly recommend the Sprinkles Lemon Mix from W&S, I am a Sprinkles fanatic and make my hubby bring me home a dozen whenever he travels to LA.

Oh and can you invite me over the next time you make cupcakes, I heart cupcakes!