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Friday, February 27, 2009

Walk for babies

Most of you won't know this, because it's been so long that I rarely discuss it, but Morgan was born a month early. Her due date was January 10, 2002. When my water broke on December 7th, 2001, I kinda lost my shit. As we rushed to the hospital, I imagined all of the horrible things that could possibly be wrong with my tiny baby and I just hoped over and over again, that somehow she'd be okay. She was okay. A tiny peanut of a thing, but she was just perfect. I guess she just wanted to do things her way...which is absolutely no different than the way she's been for the past seven and half years.

We got lucky, this we know. I am thankful every day, when I hear about what others have gone through, that our baby was healthy; that she was only born a month early and not two or three.

Not everyone is so lucky. We all know people. Friends, family, blogging buddies, whose kids needed help early on. Some were born way to early, some born on time, but they all needed medical intervention. Babies who weren't supposed to make it, but did because of the miracle that is our medical society.

Years ago, a friend of my mothers had a baby boy who was born seven weeks early. He lived until his due date and then passed away. They didn't know then what they know now. Maybe had he been born today, he'd be alive. No way to know for sure, but it's definitely a possibility.

A lot of you probably read The Spohrs Are Multiplying. If not, you really should be, because Heather is a freaking crack up. Even funnier than her blog, are her Tweets. The girl regularly makes me shoot wine through my nose. Heather's little baby girl Maddie was born early. Seriously early. And while she has some lung issues, she's come a long way. You only have to look at her (and oh hey, you can, see below) to know she's a miracle baby. Don't you just kinda want to squish her? Maybe even buy her a pony?

Heather and her husband Mike are raising money for March of Dimes, by participating in a walk for babies in April. Because of Maddie and also because they seem to be nice people in general, they are dedicated to raising money for March of Dimes. To help babies like Maddie everywhere. They are really close to their goal, but I'd love for all of us to maybe help them exceed it. Even ten dollars would help. March of Dimes is a phenomenal charity that helps support parents of preemies, preemie babies and in general is trying to make it where all babies are born healthy. It's a great cause.

For Maddie, I am not telling you about how I am dying of Strep throat right now. (Possibly for Maura as well, so she doesn't throw a shoe at my head from California.) For Maddie, I am not telling you how after childbirth, this is the most painful thing I've even gone through. For Maddie, I did not post last night when I'd had a vicoden and some wine. Which really is good for all of humanity. I'm also not telling you about how I cried at 2am when Morgan came to me and said her throat hurt.

This post is for Maddie.


AMomTwoBoys said...

You're so cute. And why am I the only freak who couldn't figure out how to get that damn widget?

Must go do more research.

heather... said...

aw! I really appreciate you writing about the march instead of about how you are dying. I understand the enormity of your decision. Just for that, I won't let Maura or Meghan make fun of you, because strep is serious biddness.

Seriously though, you are awesome, thanks SO much for the link and everything else. You're the best.

Maura said...

What? ME?!? Throw a shoe? Never. Do I look like a nutty/angry Iraqi reporter?

Besides, I don't like shoes and only have four of them, so I can't spare any.

Great post, btw. Hugs!

P.S. You're not dying.

MarvelousMOM said...

Oh isn't she cute?! How awesome is that.

My mom's water broke at 7 months with my brother. I was 8. She had a rough pregnancy, was on bedrest and had low-no amniotic fluid. Due to being so early (and a boy since they develop slower than girls) his lungs weren't developed and he only lived 8 hours. It was awful. This Friday the little one would be 19! I can't believe it was that long ago when I can remember it all like it was yesterday.

iMommy said...

Wow, Maddie raising a ton of cash!

Great of you to post about this. :)