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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The cracked ceiling

I have always been an Obama supporter. Got Hope? Love it, love him. I love the way he's campaigning, I love listening to him speak and most important, I believe he can make a difference. Go Obama go!

I tend to steer clear of politics and religion on the Internet. Not because I don't have strong beliefs, but because I don't like to argue something that I can't win. Politics and religion are two things that most people aren't willing to change their beliefs on. I understand that everyone can have different beliefs and we can still be friends. I am a non-religious liberal. I'm perfectly happy with this myself, not everyone is and that's okay. But today I have something to say and I hope everyone can play nice.

Last night I realized something as I watched Hillary give her speech. I realized that I was literally watching history in the making. A line of her speech was that she wasn't able to break through the glass ceiling, but she's made 18 million cracks in it. Yes, she was talking about the amount of votes she received, but she was also talking about paving the way for the future. Making it easier for the next women who wants to be president, making it possible for millions of little girls to know that they could be the next president. Believe in her or not, what she said is powerful; what she changed for our girls is huge.

I bawled from that point forward. Morgan, having gotten to stay up and watch, with the knowledge that she needed to be rather quiet, asked me cautiously why I was crying. I did my best to explain. But Mama, she says, I want to be a judge, not the President. Bailey can be president, I'm not nice enough, but she is. Not the point little one, but that's good that you know what you want. You get to choose, you can be whatever you want. Dream big.

Last night Hillary hopefully brought together the democratic party. I believe she made a difference in certain peoples views. I know there's still a long way to go, but I do believe Obama can and will win this election. It's more than that though; she did something that no women has been able to do. She got farther than any women has ever done and with tons of support behind her. She's paved the way for the women of the future. For my little girls and any other little girl out there who wants to go that far. She's changed history. There was a Post Secret a while back that had her picture on it and the words said something like, I will make it, I learned from watching her not make it. Not exact, I know, but still a powerful statement, because I know it's true. Someday, a woman will be President.

When I was Morgan's age, I wanted to be a teacher or a writer. At Morgan's age, my mother wanted to be a prima ballerina. My grandmother is 86 years old; when she was six years old, she knew there was one thing she would be, a mother. If she were born today, she'd be the last person who would have had kids. She would have been a CEO of some major organization, an owner of a Fortune 500 or a world leader. But that wasn't there for her, she was only given one choice. She didn't know she was allowed to make a different choice. This same woman told my mother that she should marry a doctor, to have someone to take care of her forever. My mother, oh I love her for it, she told me I could be anything, do anything. For this, I'll always be grateful. But I never would have thought to be a Judge or the President. Because women 30 years ago weren't; there were very few women judges and no woman had tried to become President.

My babies are six and a half and four years old. One wants to be a Supreme Court Judge and the other a Transformer. Funny, yes, but dream big is what I tell them.

Last night Hillary Clinton made history; she changed history for the better and I thank her for it. I want a better world for my children, a world that is safe and free, a world where there is no limit to what they can be.


Becky said...

while i'm totally not an obama supporter i DO support hilary and what she's done. esp when it comes to paving the way as you said.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderfully written, and a very good point.

I would have voted for Hillary (well, I DID, actually) but I'm just not convinced about Obama. I'm not certain of McCain either, though I lean more towards his viewpoints. I still don't know how I will vote...

flybunny said...

This is a very interesting commentary, I like the points you make. You and I think very similarly re: politics and religion and the never ending you will never see it my way so let's just not discuss it viewpoint.

I think Nata would make a great Transformer :)

whensheworeponytails said...

I *am* actually willing to change my views. This coming from a southern good old girl who will NOT be voting Republican this year. I'm not sure yet who I am voting for but I know who I am not voting for. And it scares me to discuss it because people are often so passionate that they forget we want the same things for our families even if we all have a different view on how we get it.

I appreciate what women like Hillary and other female politicians have gone against. And I'm glad that when I tell my three daughters that whatever choice they make they can have it. Whether it be "Mother" or "President" if they work for it, that it can be their's.

Our ideas may not have changed completely as a society yet but they're definitely getting better. And as the mother of three girls I'm so glad!