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Sunday, August 24, 2008

To my bellas,

This morning when you came downstairs and I noticed that Morgan's shirt (which was just purchased like 6 weeks ago) was now a belly shirt, I declared a day of shopping was in order. Can it be a girls day, you both asked? It wasn't until we were in the car that one of you thanked me for doing this "cause this is our last one." What do you mean, I asked. When brother is born, we can't have girls day out, Bailey said, cause he's a boy. Oh my little girls, this comment made my heart break a bit. I explained to you that when your baby brother is born, things will change, but I swear to you, we will still have girls day out. We will always have a girls day, till the end of my life, I promise this to you.

Your brother is an unknown at this point, for you both and for your daddy and I. But just like when we went from a family of three to a family of four, becoming a family of five will be okay. Better than okay, I'm sure. Great, in fact. A change and an adjustment, yes. But we are still us, he won't change that, he'll just add to it.

We went and had brunch, laughing at each others jokes. We shopped, buying clothes for just the two of you, until my hand was so swollen that I just couldn't do it anymore. Then we went and got pedicures, something you both adore doing. We talked and sang and had a great time. Only once did I have to tell either of you to knock off the attitude. All in all a great day, just the three of us.

You two have become so big lately. So much more elementary age than babies. I'm starting to be able to imagine you as the women that you'll one day become. Morgan especially you, as you're a lot older than your sister. Today you told me that you want to be a Judge, so you can tell everyone what to do and so that you get to always have the final word. This cracked me up, because I can so see it. Your daddy and I have always thought you'd make a great lawyer, but I can see why you'd like to take it one step farther.

From sisters who wanted nothing to do with each other for the first two years of Bailey's life, you have become best friends. You picked out a few different things today that matched each other, just in different colors. Twins, you said, we'll pretend we're twins. You mostly play well together. Bay you tell Morgs what to do, then she tells you what to do, by repeating what you had just said and it somehow works out perfectly. You sleep in the same bed together, whispering until one of you falls asleep. This is what I wanted for you. Sisters; the kind they make sappy books and Hallmark cards about. This is what I hoped for when they handed me my second girl, that you'd be like this.

Three weeks from now, give or take a few days, you'll both be big sisters. Bailey for the first time, Morgan for the second. I know thing will change, that it will take time to adjust. But I also that you'll both make awesome big sisters. Morgan you talk to my belly all the time; asking him questions like he's here to answer. Bailey you spend tons of time rubbing my belly and poking at my belly button, kissing your brother every night. I know you'll both adore him. I'm more worried about how spoiled he'll be, than you two not liking him.

I'm so gad we spent today together, just the three of us. My amazing, independent, beautiful little girls. It was fun and made us all happy. I hope you both remember it, our girls day before boys and trucks and teeny socks take over our world.

I love you both,


Anonymous said...

Your kids are so lucky...all 3 of them.

I feel the same way about my boys. They are at such a cool age, and I am beginning to be able to imagine the adults that they'll be.

Margaret said... made me cry...

Love this.

debra said...

Aww, this is so sweet and your girls will love reading this in a few years. :)

Becky said...

awwww this was so sweet. i can't wait to know what we're having so i can start picturing how our lives will change...either with another girl or a boy.

Manager Mom said...

Oh... so cute. I'm glad you had such a lovely day. Your family sounds so nice.