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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Photos: The, look what a difference a few years makes edition

We've been going through old picture CD's and found some great photos. It's easy to get caught up in day to day life and forget how much time has passed in life. I can't believe how big the girls are when I look at these photos. I still can't believe we're starting over again. Anyway, enjoy.

The first time Morgan dressed herself. About two weeks before Bailey was born. Am holding this one for the perfect time. Blackmail at it's best.

Morgan and Bailey, the first time they met. Look at those cheeks on Morgan, I just want to munch on them.

Morgan, two and a half, the first time she cut her hair and we had to give her the dreaded boy haircut. The face though, oy lemme just squish her.

My tiny chunky monk of a babe, about 3 months. So fatty and rolly back then, now I can't get pants to stay on her non existent butt.

Two summers ago, on vacation here. If you'd told me back then, that I'd be here now, I'd have though you were nuts.

Last weekend: The super model look. I am scared, very scared. But my husband, he's terrified. Anyone know of any good nunnery's? Look at the fingers, she's so freaking graceful, even in her bruiser-ness.

Oh and real quick, I need your opinion; ignore the asshat or fight back? Because I have a lot to say, but I'm unsure if should even bother. What would you do?


Margaret said...

i assume you are meaning your commenter?

Fighting back, while it would make you feel good, people like that just can't accept others and they way they are. I'm not sure they are wort the effort of you typing a response to them. Or even the time I've spent on this.

I also cannot stand people who hide behidn anonymous comments. Grow some balls people....

Delusional Girl said...

Just ignore the asshat. If they can't man up enough to leave a name, they don't deserve even this much energy. There will always be haters. Let us not be one of them.

debra said...

Oh, I love the photos. I love looking at photos back over the years (well, except of me of course!)

I would ignore the commenter. But I would delete the comment too. I don't allow disrespect on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Ignore. He wants you to acknowledge don't give him what he wants. I delete anonymous commenters--if they're not brave enough to leave their name, they're not worth my time.

Your girls are SO CUTE. OH MY GOODNESS!