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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Random facts: Wedding week edition

Bullet points from the past week. I know it's lame, I truly do, but I'm too tired to worry about it. I have posts to read, emails to answer and a post that is permeating my brain and needs to be written. Oh and work, whatever that is. I've missed you guys this week.

  • Weddings and wedding last minute details are no place for a pregnant chick. This is just not a good combo. In fact, pregnant women should never be forced to be in a wedding. Attend and eat cake, sure. But anything more than that is just dumb.
  • Weddings are filled with family drama. The only way they aren't, is to invite absolutely NO family. Eloping sure looks good in my mind. Think I can encourage my kids to do that one day?
  • I spent the last ten days off of work and only managed to go swimming once. I am a little sad about this.
  • Dark Night was way to scary and loud for me. I am officially old.
  • The girls went back to school yesterday! Yay school. Bailey had a blast, Morgan not so much. She doesn't really like her teacher and I completely don't like her teacher. Not quite sure what to do about this one yet.
  • My cousins kid called my dog, the cawy gog all week. It just might become her new official name.
  • Logan can not manage to watch anything else if the Olympics are on at all. Doesn't matter if it's a sport he cares nothing about, it's a disease and he can't help but watch it.
  • Ice cream eaten out of the carton tastes better than out of a bowl.
Okay, carry on. Nothing more to see here.

**update...boy is five pounds, three ounces already. Is this good, bad? Am I looking at giving birth to a 12 pound baby? Anybody, anybody...McFly?


iMommy said...

Hmm, not sure how far along you are, but I sure hope a 12 lb baby isn't in your future! Ow!

Oh, and my Hubby and I eloped. There was some fallout anyway. The whole family was pissed.

You can't win!

Becky said...

omg he IS a big boy. decide on names yet?!

rudecactus said...

A 12 pounder? Ouch!

shay said...

I wandered over here and am so glad:)
Weddings are NOT for preggos! I feel your pain. I was in one as a 7 month preggo whale...very fun (okay read with tons of sarcasm!)
Good luck.
Ice cream is also better out of someone else's bowl AND has fewer calories!

Margaret said...

I'm with ya on the size thing. My u/s on Tuesday showed 14-15 ounces. And I am only 20 weeks.

I may be joining you on the 12 pounder baby