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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hey, Look a Boy!...has a certain ring to it, no?

Ok, maybe not. I'm not really that mean, I promise. At least not most days.

So here's the deal on the name, we're getting down to it. And by that I mean to say we have a list that we argue about constantly. But we both like all of these choices, so now it's down to which one. Honestly if we end up waiting until he's born at this point, I'm okay with it, since we at least have choices going into it. Which was more than we had with Bailey.

So here's the names we like...well love. They are all equal in our heads. At this point we're not willing to change them around. The few that don't have middle names, need completely different middle names, cause I am that big of a freak.

Harrison Thomas

Alexander Milo or possibly Miles...not quite sure which sounds better. We both equally like both names.

Beckett Charles - Charles after my grandpa who is on Hospice.

Tristan Gabriel - Gabriel after Logan's Grandpa

Wyatt Samuel - Samuel is Logan's dad's middle and his brother's first name, but we both adore the name and have been told they'd love us to use it if we want.

Jackson, Owen, Ryder, Brennan, and Rowen, all of which are still in the running, but we are at a loss for middle names that sound right with them.

Names that have been vetoed for good: James, Liam, Tate (sorry Alissa, I was pulling for this one), Lachlan, Finlay, Micah, Dylan, Blake & Nolan Ryan...I wish I was kidding on that last one. My husband is that lame.

Also: Dude (Debra, I laughed my ass off) & Ezra Jonas have officially been cut.

So what do you think? I'd love opinions, as long as it isn't: my husbands, cousins, brother's, first wife's ex-husband was named Jack and was an asshat. Cause that, not so helpful. Anything else would be welcome.

Oh and fallback girl names, just in case are Hayden Vanessa and Addison Paige.


Piece of Work said...

Alexander Miles. Or Charles Beckett (I like it better that way).
Great names! I hope you are feeling better today.

Ali said...

Jackson! by far my favorite boy name. we couldn't use it because my father-in-law's name is Jack and we only name for dead people. ;)

Becky said...

i love alexander miles and tristan gabriel!

Margaret said...

can't help it...from nolan ryan.

Really do love the name.

Anonymous said...

I like Alexander Miles. :-)


Mrs. Dymund said...

With both my girls, we just got it down to a short list of three names before they were born, and then waited 'til we met them to see what suited.

Jade, Will and Illy said...

ooh, I really like Addison Paige for a girl... but then my middle name is Paige, so that could be an ego thing. lol.
As for the boy names (and not that my opinion counts much, because I'm just a random blog-browser...) I like Beckett Charles the most, and Rowen would be a great name too. Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy! :D