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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ezra Jonas or maybe Jose?

If it were up to Morgan, her brother would be named Ezra Jonas. I told her, if her comes out an eighty-five year old Jewish man with no hair, except out of his long ass ears, then yes, she can name him that. Just so no one get all offended here, I'm Jewish....well my family is, so I can make fun of Jews. Anyway, Morgan doesn't find it all that bothersome that she wants to give her brother the most old man Jew name around. Nope, because Ezra is one of her boyfriends. Yes, you read that right, one of her boyfriends. My kid is more popular at six years old than I ever was. It scares me, although that is a story for another day.

So Ezra, one of her boyfriends names, is what we should call her brother. Can you imagine if I let her do this? When she's twelve and has forgotten who Ezra is, or worse yet when she hates him at twelve years old and I have to remind her that it's her fault that the name she now hates is what she still has to call her kid brother. Oh the drama, I can imagine it now. Jonas of course, for those little teeny bopper boys from Disney. The singing brothers. And while I believed as a kid that I'd name my son after a New Kid on the Block, I also recognize how lame that thought is now. Can't convince my kid of this, but whatever.

Jose is her other boyfriend. I can't even tell you how long it took me to get up off the floor after she said that one. Jose? Really? Your white, half Jewish baby brother? Um no. And yeah, no. Not gonna happen. Not in my lifetime at least.

So here we sit, less than six weeks to go and the boy has no name. My lovely husband can't come up with a name at all, but he's quite capable of telling me how lame all of my ideas are. It's so bad that my mom finally told him to knock it off last night. I told her how annoying it was, but she had the pleasure of dealing with it herself.

Here's what I'd like to do, if you don't mind. I know I've been a shit blogger this week and it won't get any easier until everyone (cousin is getting married on Saturday, so all the family is here) goes home next week, but if you wouldn't mind helping me out anyway, I'd super love you for it. Here's what I need: Names. Something you didn't use, boy names that your daughters would have been; what you'd name a boy tomorrow; an unused dog name, anything would help. First and middle suggestions would be even better. Names that sound okay with Morgan and Bailey. If we end up using a name that one of you picked out, I'll send you something pretty and shiny. I'm not sure what yet, but something I promise. My first born perhaps. Ok, maybe not, but something. Thank you, thank you in advance for any help.


Margaret said...

I wish I had some to help you.

wE are no where closer than y'all are, we just have more time.

Hubby shoots down 97% of my name choices. lemme see what I can find from my list.

Mrs. Chicken said...

I adore the name Owen for a boy. It was our runner-up for Shaggy.

Mrs. Dymund said...

Gabriel had been really high on my list (should I ever have a boy one day) until my ex-boyfriend's wife had a baby boy on my daughter's birthday and the baby's name is Gabriel.

I also like Joel, but my husband doesn't.

The rest of my list I'm keeping (just in case).

Becky said...

i adore the name benjamin. it's my dad's name and my little sister is naming her son that so i can't use it.

Anonymous said...

Sterling Mercer. What my mom wanted to name me.

Ronnica said...

I've always wanted to name a son Griffin.

Anonymous said...

I still vote for Tate. It IS Nicky's middle name, but you are far away. It doesn't matter :-)

Brendan? Alex is a fave of mine, but common. Brendan Alexander? Tate Alexander! Jackson? Jackson Tate. Christopher... Nathaniel...

Anonymous said...

Kate would have been Joseph or Nathan if she had been a boy. Nathan doesn't really go too well with Natalie though. Too similar. I once knew of a couple who named their kids Leanne and Lee. Slight lack of imagine going on there I think!


Anonymous said...

My eldest wanted to use Applesauce Muffin for the girl.

Names: Elijah, Zachary, Benjamin (those aren't my kids' real names, just pseudonyms), Oliver, Daniel, Noah, Gideon.