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Friday, August 22, 2008

Love me some pain meds

Half an hour after taking the pain meds:

Me: Hey Morgan what song am I singing? Sings: Together we can. Shoot the moon, stop the rain even ride a hurricane, If we wanna. Together we can. Walk into space, save the human race, do you think we oughta, oughta?

Morgan: The Cheetah Girls.

Me: I am, you're sure?

Morgan: Yeah mama. I thought you didn't like their music?

Me: Well now I love them! They are my favorite! Who are they again?

An hour after taking the pain meds:

Morgan: Mommy can I have a Coke?

Me: Oh sure dooode, whatever.

Morgan: Mommy I love when you are on drugs.

Oops. Hmm, might not have been the best plan to tell the chicks about that.

Two hours after taking the pain meds:

Bailey: Mommy will you tell us a story?

Me: Sure but a short one, cause Daddy already read to you.

Once upon some times, there was a girl, no two girls...and they went to a hoppin party, oh I mean the meet some studs, I mean to learn about the life of science and um....they wanted to...oh where was I? OK so these boys came over and then know what, it's too late for a story tonight. I love you, now go to bed.

Three hours after taking the pain meds:

Me: Honey, I think we should have sex.

Logan: Whatever you're smoking, you should share with the class.

Me: Babe the other day you were bugging me. Come on, it'll be fun.

Logan: Till I break you and have to take you to the ER.

Me: How will you break me?

Logan: Who knows? By looking at you for too long or something. Breathing in your direction maybe. That ship has sailed honey.

Me: Doooode. Did you know that the human brain weights like 6 tons?

Logan: Ok, time for bed.

Me: The chicks are sleeping.

Logan: No love, I meant you.

I feel kinda bad for my husband. But that dam pain med made me drunker than I've ever been. In fact, today I'm hungover.


Becky said...

LOL this is seriously awesome.

Anonymous said...

pain meds rock :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like some good stuff.

debra said...

Too funny!

anymommy said...

Funny! Hope you enjoyed the ride - and hope your thumb heals and you don't need them too much longer.