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Monday, August 18, 2008

T-4 weeks and some random other announcements

4 Weeks to the day

I am a little bit in shock how quickly this time has crept up on me. I mean, this baby can officially be born any day now. Like tomorrow, if he so chose. Morgan was a month early. Not that I want baby boy no-name to be born yet, but technically he'd be fine if he was. I am getting to the point where I am uncomfortable most of the time. I'm not sleeping worth a dam, random body parts hurt, I don't remember the last time I saw my feet, I have constant heartburn, all I want to do is eat and frankly I'm just a big ole grouch. So really I'm ready to be done.

At the same time, feeling him move and kick (although I'd love for him to leave my poor bladder alone) makes me giddy. I've waited years for this and I'm wanting to cherish it for a few more weeks. That feeling that I can protect him, that he's protected inside of me, that all I need to do for him is make sure he's fed and he's okay, is a great feeling. I'm not insane, I promise, it's just a fine line between wanting him out, so I can hold him and munch on his cheeks and wanting to just let him stay all cozy and comfy forever. I guess I'm not ready for another part of my heart to be outside of my body yet.

I know how fast it goes by, the newborn parts. Even as exhausting as it is, it goes by in the blink of an eye. I look at my girls and marvel at how big they are, how quickly they became the little independent people that they are today.

I wonder how he'll change our family, how the girls will react, if I really have the patience to start this all over again. These are my unanswered questions, as there's no way to figure it out. All I know for certain is that he already has my whole heart, just like Morgan and Bailey do.

Baby Shower

Ok, so one of Logan's cousins want to throw me a baby shower. For my third baby. Is this weird or is it just me? Also she isn't available to do it until the 14th of September, which is kinda the day before dude is due. So um....if I tell her not to, I'll hurt her feelings, but if I let her do it on that day, chances are he'll already be born. If he's not born by then, I know I won't be in a, let me open pretty shiny things, kind of a mood. So what should I do? Because honestly, my decision making skills are lacking right now. Help a girl out.


We've decided for the moment, not to decide on medicating Morgan. It's just to hard to make the decision right now, especially since we'd be basically trying her on something that could make her worse at first and school just started. Plus, I just can't see doing it for one stupid teacher. We'll wait and see how she does this school year and if we feel that it is necessary, we'll try it out next summer. We are still taking her to have her evaluated anyway. We need to see about the anxieties and we need to see what exactly her doctor recommends.

She started with a new teacher this morning. She's all excited because her boyfriend from last year and her best friend are now in her class.

The Asshat

I've taken all of the advice you all gave and deleted the comment. All I've got to say to any haters is this: You are not welcome here. This is my site, not your dumping ground. Find somewhere else to spew, as it will from this day forward, be deleted here. Move along now.

The Olympics

I'm so over the Olympics. I think I over did it or something, but I'm done. It can go now. Bu bye.

I won, I won, I won.....
What did I win, you ask? Well I won a Kick Ass Blogger award. See, ain't it purty?

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Debra gave it to me. I paid her mind you, but....ok kidding, I didn't, she just gave it to me cause she thinks I kick ass. Which I do, normally at least. Ass kicking is a bit hard right now, seeing how high normal asses are (kid asses, now I can kick those), but I'll get back there. Ok, lets see here, there are rules.....blah, blah, blah. Go here and read them (here at Mama Dawg) if you want to, because I'm not all that into rules. But I will pass it on, because I think there are some other kick ass people out there, who deserve to know how kick ass they really are.

In no particular order:

Jennster, because she takes names and kicks some ass. She never backs down from a fight and she sticks up for the little people and I love her for her honesty.

MotherhoodUncensored, for always being willing to talk about what other people avoid. Whether it be sex, lame peoples, crazy in-laws or depression.

HerBadMother, for talking about her lady bits on the Internets and scaring the crap out of me. Well that and she's never afraid to say it like it is, even if her eloquent way with words can make me cry, no matter what she's talking about.

Black Hockey Jesus, for taking over the blogging world. Seriously I think he's looking at world domination. That and he's f'ing hilarious to boot.

Alissa at Life's Little Adventures, for being her. It's funny but when I think of Alissa, kick ass might not be the first thing that comes to mind. At least not in her posts, cause I have no doubt that she kicks some ass in real life. But she's a strong, independent woman and she's my friend. She has welcomed me back, no questions asked and been just as wonderful as the day I left. She takes care of her family, with minimal help from her overworked cop husband and she's raising amazing little boys; she also never fails to make me smile with her comments and encouragements. So for that, in my mind, she's a kick ass blogging chick.


Anonymous said...

aww, thanks! I think you're great, too...I was so glad to see that Debra nominated you for this award!

4 weeks. Wow! So, where's the name post you're promising?

Nicky was getting a new teacher today, too. I hope both our babies have GREAT days!

jennster said...

you are so cute and sweet and dude.... you're liike fully immersed right back into the blog world. it surprises me everytime! although i don't really know why!!! all the bloggers you chose are awesome, kick ass bloggers. hell yeah, me included. LMFAO! but really, thank you so much! i'm glad you're back.. even if i SUCK at commenting, ir ead daily. i promise

Becky said...

awww i can't wait for you to have the boy! he's gonna be as cute as the girls are! and i missed the asshat comment so if you feel like sharing feel free to email me about it:) lord knows i had my share last week! and i'm just dying to feel the baby at all and i know i'm gonna cherish it all over again. OH and yes you need another shower cuz this time it's a boy!

debra said...

Do you suppose she wants to give you a shower because you're having your first boy? What if you asked her to push it out a month or two? Then you and Baby (we really have to find a name!) will be up to some partying. And who doesn't love a baby shower when the actual baby is in attendance? SO MUCH better.

Noah? Owen? Liam? Zach? Dude! Can we just call him Dude? ;)

Anonymous said...

COngrats on the award.

I said no to a baby shower. I just said I feel weird having one for a third baby. Plus, I don't know many people in LA.

I'm kinda a fan of holding off on medicating kids as long as possible.

Margaret said...

OK, so if you are officially OK to have him now, that frightens me. Because I am at 21 weeks. Which means I have 19 left. But I could only have 15 left. Which isn't a lot of weeks.


Yeah on your award! You are kick ass.

I am kinda over the olympics too. Only becuase most of the events I care about are over. Track and field - YAWN.

Although I am completely entertaining myself with the names of some of these athletes. :)

Her Bad Mother said...

Am really, truly honored, right down to my broken lady bits ;)