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Friday, August 15, 2008

Maxi Dress: Not all it's cracked up to be

Bought the Maxi Dress. Saw every type of them on pregnant celebrities and decided I had to have one. Needed a pretty casual dress for a wedding on Labor day weekend. Purchased dress and it came. Yea Mr. UPS man! So pretty in the box. So pretty on the hanger. Oh how I love my Maxi dress.

Tried it on. Looks like mumu with spaghetti straps on me. Dam you Gwen Steffani. Dam you Angelina Jolie. Dam you Jessica Alba. Looks perfect on all of you, why not on me?

Hmm I guess I would have had to look like them before for it to work for me now. Should come printed on the tag: Dress is bigger than it appears in People magazine. Will not make you look like pregnant celebs.

Will be buying new dress.


Piece of Work said...

what the hell is a maxi dress? ;)

Anonymous said...

Yes, what is it? I've never heard of such, although the word maxi makes me think it's very big and puffy.

Mrs. Dymund said...

I also don't know what a Maxi Dress is.

Anonymous said...

I googled maxi dress to see what it was. Looks comfortable. Not very flattering for those of us under 5'11"