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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dear LA,

I miss you. Do you miss me too? I know you have loads and loads of peeps there and one more little family probably wasn't a big deal. But seriously I miss you today. Like really, really miss you. Let me count the ways....

The beach. This could be five slots in my list, but I'll limit it to one. But oh how I miss your lovely beaches, ocean and tan mens playing volleyball. I even miss watching the crazies at Venice beach. It's weird, I know, but we took each of the girls on the way home from the hospital and dipped their newborny feet in the ocean. It was our way of cementing their love of the beach early on. But we can't do that with Harrison. I feel like I've failed him in some small way. We will have to make a trip out there before too long, just to dip my tiny boy in the ocean.

The sun and warmth. We have sun here, we do. It's an interesting thing how the sun is everywhere. But somehow, it's not a warm sun here, this time of year. It's rather chilly in fact. (Although Fall is actually a beautiful season.) Which unfortunately will soon be replaced with FRIGID. Frigid is not my favorite weather. The thought of your sunny weather right now, makes me a little sad.

Food. Oh I know we have food here. But sushi in Denver? It's just not the same. I really don't like any fish here. Because honestly, no matter what anyone says, fish that has to be flown in, is not fresh anymore. Sushi, oh how I miss my sushi. Spicy tuna rolls. Sigh. But fish is not the only think I miss. I miss the little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that we went to at least once a week. The place so small that they didn't even take credit cards. But oh their food, it makes me drool just thinking about it. Noah's bagels, I miss them too. Bagels in Denver are kinda like chewy hockey pucks; not really worth the carbs. I miss going to Hamburger Hamlet for Sunday brunch. There are too many places to name, but I miss them all. Mostly I miss LA Bite. Because delivery dinners; much better than my dinners.

The Farmer's Market off San Vicente in Brentwood......oh how I miss you. Let's just say, it's hard to find anything but apples and more apples here, this time of year.

Celebrities. Ok, so I complained a lot about celebs when I lived in LA. Mostly because locations for shows or movies could pop up anywhere, with no moments notice. You could suddenly, not be able to get in your driveway, because they'd be shooting across the street. Or not be able to leave a store, because some celeb had shown up to shop there and had been followed by the hordes of photographers. But the occasional spotting of a hot celeb in a Starbucks, was really kind of fun. It's always been something I was just used too, like people here are used to snow plows being on the front of trucks.

I miss movies in the park, the LA Zoo, Griffith Park, the Norton Simon Museum, San Diego, having lunch and cocktails at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach, Disneyland, The Grove and mostly my family.

I love Colorado, I truly do. One day, it will be my home, because I'll get to where I believe that it is. We won't be moving back. We made the decision and we knew it would be for good. But I do miss LA. I don't miss my life there so much, as certain things. I prefer my life here. It's more low key, less crazy, easier. But I still love LA. It's a part of me, one piece that is missing.

So, LA I hope you miss me, because I miss you. We'll be coming for a visit very soon. I promise.

Hugs, Issa


Jaden Paige said...

I've never even BEEN there and you made me miss it! It sounds like a fun place to live...

But, of course, I am a New Englander at heart and will most likely from now until eternity be found in some dinky town in New Hampshire. 'Cuz THAT's how I roll, I suppose. heh.

Lesley said...

Awwww. I know LA totally misses you too! I'm in LA and I'd love to have you back here!

Though I do have to's just about November and still pushing toward triple digit temps in parts of the area and well, THAT'S JUST A LOT OF SUNSHINEY HOTNESS. Too bad we can't split it and share a little with you in Denver!

Childsplayx2 said...

Just think, your son will be the snow bunny of the group!

I know moving away from that was hard. Hang in there! *hug!*

jennster said...

omfg what? you won't ever move back? EVER? are you kidding me? that makes me want to cry for you. like a true, gutteral, can't stop me for weeks kind of cry.

i miss all these things too. well, not all of them cause i didn't do EXACTLY all of those things. bu ti know what you mean. even the sun in nor cal is different. the air is crisper, chillier- it cools differently and heats differently. i miss so cal so much. the beach the most of all. the beach being a part of your life and incorporated into everything that you do. and fuck yeah i miss the celebrities. especially working in the entertainment industry. it's wrong to work in this business and NOT BE AROUND ANY CELEBRITIES, OR STAGES, OR MOVIE SETS! wrong i tell you. i miss it because i always loved it. i love that crazy world. it's the only business i love.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you miss LA. I bet it DOES miss you!

But, I gotta tell you, even though you make it sound pretty cool, I'm relatively certain I'd not be happy there for very long. Ocean? Very cool. All that other stuff? Meh. Sushi? ICK.