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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Poo flinging monkey trolls

Man, these trolls really do know how to kick someone when they are down. It's like they look for an opening and just start flinging poo. Last night during the debate I made some comments on Twitter. Maybe not the nicest tweets in the world, but really, have you seen the stuff that gets said on there during debates? It doesn't really matter what I said, only what happened because of it. Honestly, that doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of life. But hey this is my blog, so here it matters. At least to me.

It's not so much what was said, but the way it was said and the timing of which it was sent. Those of you who use Twitter, will understand this a little better, but I'll try and explain anyway. This person has been following me for a while. I've never followed her, because honestly I'm not going to try and follow people, just because they live in Colorado, which is I believe how she found me in the first place. Since I don't follow her, I wouldn't have necessarily seen her tweet right away, so she DM'd me. A DM, for those of you who don't know, is a Direct Message. Since I sometimes use my phone to get tweets, even though it was not turned on at the moment, I still get DMs sent as texts to my phone.

So the asshat poo flinging troll DM'd me at midnight last night. On a freaking Wednesday. And I'm pissed, because I hadn't turned off my ringer. So it woke me and Logan up. Because you know, I was sleeping at Midnight, a concept I know. But the worst is, SHE WOKE UP THE BABY! And you know what you never do to a three week old newborny? Wake them up. You NEVER wake them up at night. You don't DM somebody at midnight. Not anyone, it's fucking rude. But especially not a person with a NEWBORN. Want to hate me? Fine. Want to unfollow me? Go right ahead, you know where the button is. Don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Want to send me hate mail, be my fucking guest. All of these things can be dealt with in the day time hours. But don't wake up my sleeping baby and husband. Logan gets up at 5:30am. He goes to bed by 9pm. You woke him up, right when he was getting his best sleep. Then because the baby was awake, we were all awake for another two hours. If there was a bitch slapping device that reached through computers, my husband would have used it on you repeatedly last night.

Then there is what she said:

nanciannaj "Ya, not enuf wrds 2 tell u all the resns why, cuss like a ho, politically ignorant, let me guess...from ca.? Dun following."

So I'm a politically ignorant ho? Nice one. My aren't you clever?

The definition of 'ho', for your clarification is: Used to express surprise or joy, to attract attention to something sighted, or to urge onward; the slang definition is: A prostitute. Somehow I believe it's the latter, that you intended. Here's the thing though, you've obviously never met a real ho. Because those ladies can cuss. They make sailors sound like tiny school children. And prostitutes are still people. People with lives and family and political beliefs. And not to draw attention to your obvious mis-understanding of the English language, but I'm not a ho. See, I'm a married woman. Not that it matters, but I've only ever been with one man, the man I married and had three children with. Yes, I cuss. Not nearly as much as I used to. I also use it in context. Maybe I cuss more after two glasses of wine. Funny thing though, I didn't cuss at all last night. I've gone back and looked, and nope, no cussing.

Politically ignorant? Well I guess in your pea sized brain, anyone with a political opinion other than your own is ignorant. That's a sad way to live and rather boring if I do say so myself. I'm done talking about politics. I've voted and I understand the issues and I'm done. But I have relatives, friends and blogging friends who are conservative republicans. All of whom, I adore. Our beliefs don't have to be the exact same for us to be friends. I am an open minded individual, which obviously you are not.

From California? Well yes, this must have been a deal breaker for you. Did you know that all Californians are the devil? Who let the secret out of the bag? We are taking over and gonna rule the world. Would you like it if I said, all people from Colorado Springs are horrible human beings? No, I doubt you would. But here's a little fact for you, I'd NEVER say that. I'm not that kind of a person. I'm not the kind of person you are.

So go back to your bubble of a life, where all people are the same. Same, same, same; like my friends son says. Then again, he's two years old.

Please take your poo flinging monkey ways elsewhere, because they are not welcome here.


Childsplayx2 said...

Amen sister!

Lesley said...

I'm totally confused. I saw your tweets and there was not one among them to cause such an over-the-top reaction. (Although seriously? How dare you have Your Own Opinion. *gasp*)

Of course what do I know? I'm California Devil Spawn! EVIL. ;-)

I'm sorry this happened!!

AMomTwoBoys said...

Oh, WOW.

Totally not someone I would feel bad about losing.

And seriously?! Can we not follow people who have different opinions (and aren't rude, b/c I unfollow rude people)?!

And I'm with Lesley...a CA evildoer.

iMommy said...

Man, I hate me some poo flinging monkeys.

Nothing more frustrating than someone else's ignorance causing you to miss sleep and sanity.

It's people like her that made me hesitant to use Twitter in the first place, argh!

Jade, Will and Illy said...

omg... I would be sooo pissed if I was you!
Never mind the fact that she can't spell. I mean, I know people shorten things in texts, but really? That is just over the top.
Be glad you're losing her as a "follower" on Twitter. She can tweet her rude little comments to her sheep friends. Bahh. :P Poo flinging monkey troll bitches suck!

Delusional Girl Ruby Soho said...

What a twit. I saw your tweets come through last night and didn't have a problem with what you were saying. The poo troll just had her knickers in a knot cause OMG, you're a "liberal".

Anonymous said...

What? All Californians are the Devil? Really?

Well, that settles it. I can't be your friend any longer. I don't associate with the devil!

But seriously, what? Is she nuts? And, does everyone on Twitter abbreviate and shorten like that? Because that is ANNOYING and no wonder I'm not on Twitter! Of course, I even spell things out completely for text messages...last night for the first time ever I used "2nite".

Rock and Roll Mama said...

Wow...a baby waker-upper and a txt abbreviator to boot. That's a no-go in my book. Or should I say mbk?!! Somehow I didn't know you had a 3 week old- congratulations! Beautiful. And bah humbug to the monkey.

Mrs. Really Long Name said...

i am totally missing the point of your story - but I love the fact you use the word asshat too.

Love it.

We might be sistas.

flybunny said...

Man that sucks. I finally had to turn off all twitters to my phone because it drove my husband mad. Hopefully tonight you all will get better sleep!

Let's chat when you get back and please please please know that I will be thinking of you this weekend!!!!

debra said...

I'm sorry about the late night DM. What a rude thing to do. When I decided not to watch the debate, I also logged off Twitter so I missed the whole thing.

Daddy Dan said...

I don't even understand her tweet. Can you translate it for me?