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Friday, October 3, 2008

He's trippin

Scene: Me and Logan laying on our bed. Harrison in between us, sleeping like only babies and kids do, all draped out.

Logan: Dang babe, we made one awesome kid.

Me: I know, he's a real keeper this one.

Logan: It's probably a good thing we didn't have him first.

Me: Why?

Logan: Because we'd be like the Duggars with twenty kids by now.

Me: You are flipping insane, you know this right?

Logan: I don't think so. I'm pretty confident in my statement.

Me: Well then you need to have your head examined. In our vows, there was a clause.

Logan: Oh yeah, which one was that?

Me: The, Issa ain't having more than four babies clause.

Logan: I'm pretty sure it said six* babies at least.

Me: Hmm, well that's debatable, but it didn't say a dam thing about 20.

Logan: We'll see.

Me: Maybe you should change the clause for your next wife.

Logan: No, I'll just have Emmy** amend ours.

Me: Dude, she'd lock you up in a nut house if you told her you wanted 20 kids.

Logan: Only because she hasn't met Harrison yet.

Me: Honey, he's only a week old. Give him time. Let's talk about this again when he's two, okay.

Logan: Fine, but my answer will be the same.

Me: Yes, but it's still gonna be the wrong answer.***

*We have gone back and forth on this since we got married. He has always wanted six kids and I've always said four. We'll see how it ends up eventually. Honestly if we can afford it and I can manage it, I'm not sure that I'd mind six one day. Like if we have one more in a year or two and then do it again in four or five more years? Who knows? Harrison being this awesome has screwed up my thinking temporarily too.

**Emmy is one of our best friends. She's a criminal attorney, with no husband and no kids and she plans on it always being that way. The no kids part at least. She would commit Logan.

***I won! Of course it is my blog and I can put on here what I want. But I did win this time.


Anonymous said...

You guys are so cool :-)

LiteralDan said...

I think the obvious solution is for you guys to have 5.

That way, you are assured of having a tiebreaker vote in the gender wars, no matter what happens.

Kim @ said...

I like literaldan's idea. Five is a nice round number.

I salute you because I have three and I looked at my husband after #3 was born and was like, "WE ARE BOTH GETTING FIXED!" LOL

debra said...

I agree with the other commenters -- five sounds like the perfect number. Like this is any of my business, in the first place. :)