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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Off making trouble

Hey friends, I'm off at Alissa's blog today. Making trouble, getting into things; you know, the usual. I've drank all their booze, eaten all the ice cream, been through all the cabinets, put all the DVD's in the wrong cases and changed their TV's language to Spanish. Hopefully Alissa comes back before I set her DVR to only tape Martha Stewart and Spanish soaps.

So, please come visit me over here.


Anonymous said...

You ate all the ice cream!? Ahhhh!

Kim @ said...

See, she went for ice cream. Me, I'd have been like, "Well, sure. After you finish all the booze you needed snacks. But listen, make sure you hit the liquor store before you head home. I'll be needing more Goose. Kthxbye."

Ice cream can wait till later. But when you got kids you have to be prepared for the need of booze just in case. You never know, man. Could be one of those four cocktail days and if all the booze is gone? Ice cream? Won't help that. hehe

I am totally joshin', Allisa. I'm not a total drunk. No seriously. I'm not. Not now anyway. I have to drive. And that would be bad.

debra said...

You crack me up!