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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hey friends, I know it's been lame here in Issa-ville this week, but it's my moms fault. She's been here all week and she's kinda cool. So I like hanging out with her. I'm thrilled today is Halloween, I adore Halloween. We didn't do pumpkins, but the kids don't seem to mind. The rest of our Halloween traditions, we'll do all of those. Pizza, trick-der-treating, watching The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and then when the girls go to bed, we'll eat their candy and watch Hocus Pocus. Which is an awesome movie, that I just might let the girls watch tonight. We'll see how well they do.

Anyway, I hope you all have a great Halloween. I promise to post some pictures of the kids in their costumes tonight or tomorrow. You know, once I actually manage to take some pictures.


Jaden Paige said...

Yay! Have fun trick-der-treating!

We're going to try and take Illy, but we'll see how that goes... I'm not sure yet how she'll take it, being one, and I don't know if I can get her to walk up to doors and say trick-or-treat! lol... So this should be interesting.

my blog said...

I found your blog from Bendy Ruggles.
Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!