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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weddings make me tired

Weddings are INSANE!!!! I remember this, I do, (well kinda, since mine was so dam long ago) but it still shocked me how intense a wedding can be. So many little details My cousin got married tonight. I was her maid of honor, my husband and brother were best mens and my kiddies were flower girls. And I'm tired. So freaking tired that I'm too tired to sleep. Which is a bit wrong if you think about it. We've had crazy amounts of family in my house and at my cousins house. It's been fun, this crazy family event, but I'm ready for it to be over. Yesterday, I actually told Logan that I wished I was at work. It just seemed like a more peaceful idea than what I was doing in the moment.

But now it's over. It was a beautiful ceremony, a freaking awesome reception and they're married and that's all that counts. I am so glad that it's over. So, so glad. Cause dude, really, I'm too pregnant to be anything but in the dam way. This little boy ran into me and I swear he bounced off the belly. It is large and in charge.

You know I'm starting to wonder if I can make a complete thought in this post, but I guess I can't. I have been a very bad blogger and it won't get much better until Tuesday when everyone is gone and the kids go back to school. So's some cute pictures of my kids.

This is Aidan, my future son in law. He's my best friends son. He and Bailey are a little too cute together. And trouble together too.

Got cake? It was some tasty ass cake. We ran out of food, but the cake was amazing. Hell, I'd get remarried for some of that cake.

Oy and thanks for the name advice, keep it coming. I'll be compiling a list shortly.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the girls are so big! And so PRETTY!

I was a bridesmaid for my cousin when I was 8.5 months pregnant. I know just how you feel :-)

Kristin said...

Wedding cake is THE BEST... I think that's what should name the baby...'Wedding Cake"... has a nice ring to it...

Becky said...

omg those are the best pics! i can't believe how big they got! they are both GORGEOUS.

debra said...

Wedding cake?! YUMMY! And the girls are just gorgeous. How did they get so big? :)

shay said...

Oh wow...gorj kids!
And the future Mr. Gorj kids looks like trouble ;-) Cute trouble though!