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Monday, October 20, 2008

Holy smokes batman

I am seriously tired. Going to Texas was one of the best decisions I've made in a while. I'll never get that chance again to be with Grandma; I'll never get that chance to spend the time there that I did. But it was hard. I won't lie to you, it wasn't easy. I cried so much while I was there that my eyes still hurt. I want to tell you all about my time, my trip, my grandma; but I'm not ready yet. I'll give you a few glimpses into my last few days and I'll come back and write more when it's not so tough. I can't promise it will be tomorrow, or even this week, but it will happen eventually.

Moving on....

Bringing Morgan along was a great thing. We got to have some quality time together; she got to spend some time with my mom, who is her favorite person in the world; and most important, she helped me stay sane. She is an odd child though. I'll give you a few examples: she spent half of our trip to Texas doing math time tests. The girl, just loves her some math times tests. She spent the rest of the time entertaining me. I almost feel bad about it, because I could tell she was doing it, just to make me laugh, because she knew how hard this was for me. I'll tell you though, without her and Harrison, I'd have been a complete mess this entire weekend. I'd have fallen apart. (This makes me feel bad, like I'm harming her in some way. but I can't go there right now.) I can't imagine having gone without her though.

She has started doing this weird thing, raising her eyebrows all weird when she tells a joke. I asked her about it, because I wondered where she got it from, it's dam funny. She said, all the professional comics do something weird with their face, that it makes their dumb jokes seem funnier. She said that if being a Supreme Court Judge doesn't work out, she needs a back up plan, so she's trying out comedy. If it doesn't work for her, she'll move on to another back-up plan. But you have to make sure you're good at your back-up plan, is what she told me. Like I said, she's an odd bird and I wonder where she came from, cause I know it couldn't have been from me, but I think she's a keeper.

She is enthralled with the baby. She is her brothers biggest fan. He just loves her, he snuggles right into her when she holds him. She adores him and tells him how awesome he is all the time. Watching them together makes me so happy. But my baby girl, she isn't a baby anymore. She's almost seven years old and I can literally see her growing up every day.

On another subject, my mom is a complete baby hog. She pretty much held him all weekend. Which is fine, except I kinda likey mah babee. But she needed him, as much as I needed Maya this weekend. My mom's (and my step-dad) been taking care of my grandmother for ten months now and I think she's about to crack. I don't think she can handle it for much longer. My aunt and uncle are going to take over for about ten days and mom and dad will come and stay with us for about ten days. They're coming on Friday and I'm so thrilled. They need a break.

Harrison did so good. I can't even tell you that it mattered that we flew on two separate flights out there and back, four planes in all. People passed him around all weekend. Every once in a while he'd get all grouchy with being passed around and he'd come back to me and settle down in seconds. He super loves his mama.

And that's all she wrote. I'm just out of steam today. Please forgive me. I'll be better soon.


Jade, Will and Illy said...

I'm so glad to hear it went well, even with the tears. I knew you would be happy you went :D
Don't feel guilty about your daughter... That's the funny thing you know, we always have to be there for them as Moms, but sometimes, they just know when you need THEM to be there. And they are. And they make you laugh. And it's the greatest. Having a rough time this weekend doesn't mean that you were harming her- I'm sure she's glad she was able to make her Momma smile. Have a great day!

Jade, Will and Illy said...

PS: I tagged you for a meme if you get the chance to do it! :)

iMommy said...

Children are funny like that, huh? They always seem to know exactly what you need.. whether it's a joke or a hug or a kiss or a temper tantrum to get your mind off of whatever it was...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am *so* glad you went, and so so glad that it went well. (Well, all things considering it went well). Hang in there. And, YAY for a visit from Mama!